Our actions

Cultivating our diversity spirit

As a media group, we have a dual responsibility: to be both a witness and a player in our society with all its diversity. We are careful to ensure that our content depicts French society in all its richness, without no-go areas or stereotypes. As a company we are constantly on our guard against discrimination, and striving to promote equal opportunity in our daily lives. We do all this with one objective in mind: living together better.  

Making common cause with society

Teaming up to support the most vulnerable in our society involves putting the power of our channels and our digital reach at the service of great causes, and inviting our audiences to take action alongside charities. Together, and in partnership with charities, we want to make a difference, especially in the fight against extreme poverty, but also on behalf of the sick, their families and medical research. 

Create a climate of confidence

The environmental footprint of a business like ours is measured by the impact of what we do, but also by our ability to make the public aware of and engage with future challenges. So every day, we work to keep our viewers informed, as well as our staff and partners, and encourage constructive initiatives for a more sustainable and respectful society. 


As a major media player, we need to be uncompromising in our respect for ethical values. This is essential if we are to retain the trust of our audiences, our clients, our partners (producers, advertisers, etc) and our shareholders and investors, wihout forgetting our suppliers, with whom we are committed to establishing fair, sustainable and responsible relationships, in compliance with our Responsible Purchasing commitments.