The TF1 Group is present throughout the value chain in content, production and distribution, mainly via its subsidiary Newen, which is home to our production studios in France and internationally. Set up in 2008, Newen is the French market-leader in audiovisual production and distribution, with a unique capability to develop all formats, all registers and all genres. From daily access prime-time drama to must-see blockbuster series, from feature-length animation to prestigious documentaries, from reality TV to infotainment magazines, talents at Newen are creating and inventing the formats and scripts of the future. Since joining the TF1 Group, Newen has stepped up its international expansion via the acquisition of new entities in the Netherlands (Pupkin), Denmark (Nimbus), Belgium (De Mensen) and Canada (Reel One Entertainment).

The TF1 Group is also present in movie production through TF1 Film Production.  

“Our teams at Newen coalesce around strong values – expertise, quality, communication, diversity and respect – motivated by a shared ambition to create beautiful stories: it’s all about stories!”

Bibiane Godfroid, CEO of Newen

Our entities

In France

Set up in 1949, Telfrance is now a market-leader in drama production in France. Producer of two successful daily soaps (Demain nous appartient and Plus belle la vie), flagship series like Candice Renoir and Cassandre, many stand-out one-off movies, and even made-for-cinema films like Un monde plus grand, Telfrance has a rich content offer for all broadcasters and platforms.



Set up 30 years ago to “tell all the world’s stories”, Capa is now France’s no.1 reportage and documentary agency. It is also a big hitter in drama and a byword in corporate video. Documentaries, reportage, drama.


17 juin média

Magazines, talk shows, reportage, documentaries: since 1992, 17 Juin Media has positioned itself as a specialist in informative, documentary and educational programmes where both quality and audiences count. 17 Juin Media is particularly involved in the culture, health and arts documentaries sector. 


Blue spirit

Since 2004, Blue Spirit has been producing and manufacturing series and feature-length animation. All the work, from pre-production to image editing, takes place in studios based in Paris, Angoulême and Montreal. Blue Spirit Productions’ editorial line: mass market projects with high standards of writing and image quality. 


On the international stage

Tuvalu Media Group is the leading independent producer in the Netherlands. Acknowledged for its creativity and the quality of its productions, Tuvalu develops and produces entertainment, drama, feature-length films and documentaries with all Dutch broadcasters. Its main programmes include The First Years, Raising the Nation, Maestro (a BBC format) and Small Town, Big City.



Set up in 2003 under the direction of producers Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten and Sander van Meurs, Pupkin is a subsidiary of Tuvalu and one of the main Dutch studios for movies and drama. Its films and series have won awards at various festivals and been sold internationally; they cover a broad spectrum, from crime to family viewing.



Set up in 1993 by Bo Ehrhardt and Birgitte Hald, Nimbus is one of the leading Danish studios. It has received critical acclaim for a number of movies (Festen, Jury prize at the Cannes Festival) and movies like the Antboy trilogy have been a box office success. It has also scored big with TV series, in particular The Bridge, one of the most sold and adapted Scandi series in the world.


De Mensen

A Flemish production company founded in April 2001, De Mensen works with public and private channels in Belgium, digital platforms and many international players. De Mensen is equally at home producing gameshows (Blokken, 13th season), travelogues (Reizen Waes) and drama (Beau Séjour, Salamander, Professor T, all broadcast or adapted in several European countries).

Reel One Entertainment

Based in Montreal with offices in London, Los Angeles and Vancouver, Reel One develops, finances, produces and distributes TV films and series for a global audience. Set up in 2001 by media entrepreneur Tom Berry, Reel One is one of the most dynamic players in audiovisual production and distribution. Reel One is already a market leader in the TV movie sector and has recently branched out into the production and distribution of TV series.


Newen Distribution

Newen Distribution is a major player in audiovisual distribution, with a rich multi-genre catalogue comprising 5,500 hours of French and international productions combining drama, animation, documentary and unscripted formats, sold in more than 130 countries to all players in the sector, from public and private channels to digital platforms. Bringing together talents from around the world, Newen Distribution offers quality diversified content while also playing a growing role in upstream financing of European and international productions. It boasts a network of domestic producers with Telfrance, 17 Juin, Capa, Blue Spirit, Tuvalu, Pupkin, Nimbus, De Mensen and Reel One as well as independent partners like Nordisk Films in Denmark, Funwood Media in Spain, Cinétévé, Mascaret Films, Lincoln TV and Big Band Story in France.

Our other entities

Set up in 1995, TF1 Studio is the distribution and acquisition subsidiary of the TF1 Group, one of France’s leading media groups. This relationship enables TF1 Studio to rely on TF1’s support and develop close partnerships in all areas of TV and cinema, while giving it a privileged position in the international market.


The TF1 Group is also present in cinema via its subsidiary TF1 Films Production, which co-produces between 15 and 20 films a year, including resounding box office hits in France like Intouchables, Le Grand Bain, Les Tuche, la Ch’tite Famille and (in 2019) Hors Normes. TF1 Films Production has more than 600 films to its credit. 



TF1 Production is a subsidiary of the TF1 Group that produces programs for the TF1 Group channels. TF1 Production's activities revolve around a very wide range of content: magazines, entertainment, series, documentaries, short formats and sports events.