Backed by its premium brands, its recognised expertise in strategy and marketing, its unique production know-how and the power of its media ecosystem, the TF1 Group is pursuing an ambitious diversification strategy. For more than 20 years, TF1 Entertainment has been promoting and marketing the TF1 Group's brands and expertise to B2C and B2B targets. The various entities that make up TF1 Entertainment are involved in the licensing, board games, events, endorsement and production sectors. TF1 Entertainment therefore covers a broad business spectrum, activating the TF1 Group's know-how, brands and/or personalities.

"TF1 Entertainment's ambition is to promote the TF1 Group's brands through high-quality products, services and experiences, drawing on our expertise in marketing and production." 

Yann Geneste, TF1 Head of Entertainment

Our entities

TF1 Licences

Ushuaïa, The Voice, Miss France, Miraculous, Koh-Lanta, Burger Quiz, Barbapapa, Schtroumpfs, Camping Paradis, Marmiton... TF1 Licences develops and monetizes a portfolio of around 40 well-known brands. With over 300 active licensing agreements and more than 30 million products sold under licence every year, TF1 Licences is a leading player in licensing in France and Europe.

TF1 Games

Launched in 2001 with the game Qui veut gagner des millions ? (“Who wants to be a millionaire?”), since then TF1 Games has expanded by buying up Dujardin in 2007 and Editions Michel in 2009. With more than 2 million game boxes sold each year, TF1 Games-Dujardin is now a respected publisher with a well-stocked catalogue in which established brands (Mille Bornes, Cochon qui Rit) and spin-off games from TF1 programmes (Burger Quiz, Money Drop) rub shoulders with new creations like Fabulus Potium, and Chrono Bomb.

TF1 Factory

TF1 Factory is a multidisciplinary production agency, building on the TF1 Group’s high professional expertise which made the Group the biggest private network of its kind in Europe. Sharing positive vibes with the French People as a whole  is  its guiding idea for the production of creative contents for Companies and brands. Its integrated production methods  span the full spectrum of brands, from audiovisual to events.

Business Development

This division pilots both operational projects, such as the HOMIRIS remote surveillance offer (partnership with the French leader EPS) or the TF1 group's podcast offer, but also studies opportunities for new developments.