Wosmu : Another investment by the One Innovation fund

Wosmu : Another investment by the One Innovation fund

Having already bought into the start-ups Lucette and Synchronized, the TF1 group is pursuing its open innovation and support strategy by investing in Wosmu and its digital platform Delitoon. Wosmu is revolutionising manga content consumption in France through a totally new viewing experience and an exclusive content catalogue.

Wosmu, France’s no.1 digital manga publisher:
Created in 2015, Wosmu is a French start-up which has introduced the French-speaking world to webtoons via its paying online offer, accessible via the Delitoon app. The platform offers a catalogue of exclusive series and titles around a viewing experience not previously encountered in France but popular throughout Asia. Webtoons or digital cartoons are ideal for consuming on-screen because they play vertically. As market leader in webtoons, Delitoon has a registered community of more than 400,000, web traffic of over 600,000 monthly visitors, and is ranked no.1 on PlayStore (Google).
Delitoon platform catalogue:
-80 series
-3000 episodes available to view.

Top 3 most-watched series:

Ombres et Lumières
Moi fille du Roi
L'impérieux destin du Dr Elise

Synergies with the TF1 group:
The Delitoon platform’s expertise in sourcing manga content could open up potential synergies between the start-up and the TF1 group’s digital, production and diversification activities.