Launching of TF1 Initiatives

Launching of TF1 Initiatives

How about making a change ?

As a leading media group, we have responsibilities, and a number of goals.
We are convinced that our involvement in society can change things, and so we have always taken action. By supporting a range of socially-minded initiatives, by sharing on our channels a positive energy that gives people hope in the future, and by creating social links that enhance the way we live together.

TF1 Initiatives bring us together in three areas:

We want to support organisations that work for the people most in need. Place our channels and sites at the service of major causes, encourage our viewers and employees to work alongside these organisations. And make a difference together, especially against extreme poverty, and for people who are ill, their families and medical research.

We want to be like everyone and address each individual. Foster dialogue and respect. Give women their rightful place in society, open up to all talents, so that each man and woman feels welcomed at the company for their skills, and initiate this same momentum on our channels. In short, to both mirror and promote diversity in our society.

Sustainable society
We want to contribute to protecting the planet at our level. On our channels and in our programmes, we raise awareness of climate change, encourage the respect and careful management of resources, and shed light on emerging solutions, to share them with all.

To find out more about our initiatives and share #POSITIVEENERGY,

let's meet up together at: @TF1INITIATIVES