Our Priorities


Know consumers better, and use data convergence to deliver a better client experience 


Increase our productivity, improve content linking and speech-to-text, and combat fake news


Develop new tools so partner brands can optimise our offers and ads

TF1 Media Lab

TF1 MediaLab, our specialist unit focused on the future and innovation, underpins the ongoing transformation of our business as we work together to build the future of our industry. MediaLab’s role is to analyse current changes, but above all to drive them: to learn from innovators, support creative thinkers, and always push the boundaries. TF1 MediaLab aims to deploy technological solutions and services that chime with new behaviours and coming revolutions in our industry.

Innovation must be a collective endeavour. We are convinced we can accelerate the process by allying our own expertise with the know-how of the next generation of entrepreneurs. To achieve this, in 2015 we launched an open innovation dynamic to plug into the start-up ecosystem. Today, more than forty fledgling enterprises have already been supported by TF1. And the adventure continues via our start-up accelerator program based at Station F in Paris, the world’s largest start-up campus. 

Our actions


Our innovation showroom has nearly 200m² of leading edge technology, enabling us to share the latest prototypes with our partners.



Set up in 2016, our investment fund provides financial support to start-ups in the early stages of their development.


Artificial intelligence, data, virtual reality, e-sport … We anticipate changes in our markets and are always looking for new playing fields.


Our staff have ideas too … and entrepreneurial drive. Our intrapreneurship program gives them a framework and a working methodology, and supports them in developing their project to prototype stage.


As the media representative at Station F, we launched our accelerator program in January 2018. Our aim was to experiment with and industrialise innovative solutions and services within our ecosystems.


In our fab lab we imagine, design and create prototypes of new products and innovative solutions. 

accelerator program alumni since 2018
capital injected into our investment fund
visits a year to our showroom
countries in our innovation network (Paris,Tokyo, San Francisco)