"In a video environment characterised by rapid change in habits, we are a market leader, with:

A high-tech mission driven by our digital acceleration strategy and strong ambitions in free streaming.

A cultural mission to bring our nation together through shared experiences and emotions.

An editorial mission based on must-see family viewing, event TV and serial franchises.

With an enduring aim to grow our unique relationship with the French people.”

Rodolphe Belmer, Chairman and CEO

Our Ambition


Since the creation of the core channel “La Une” nearly half a century ago, TF1’s unique place in the daily lives of French men and women has been undisputed: when people want to understand what’s going on in the news or are looking for entertainment, they turn to our channels first.

Now we are expanding our digital footprint, with a clear ambition: to establish ourselves as the go-to free-to-air destination for news and family entertainment by developing France's leading free streaming platform.

Our approach

Consolidating our market leadership in linear TV

We are France’s no.1 free-to-air TV broadcaster, and intend to remain so. That’s partly because our channels are such a perfect fit, appealing to all audiences. But mainly because our strong, distinctive editorial stance makes us a standout in the French broadcasting landscape - for viewers and advertisers alike. Our schedules range from France’s most popular entertainment brands to prestige drama, and from major sporting events to Europe’s most-watched news bulletins. Our ambition: to continue nurturing popular culture, and to bring French people together around our programmes

Becoming France’s no.1 free streaming platform

With the launch of TF1+, our ambition is to create France’s go-to free streaming platform. We aim to be on every screen, starting with connected TVs, so that we can be there for French consumers as they increasingly migrate to on-demand viewing habits. The idea is to offer not just premium content - but also a seamless, personalised and high-quality experience. In doing so, we aim to capture a bigger slice of value of the online advertising market, especially by ramping up our data capabilities - so that we can sustainably finance an ever-better quality content offer and make it available free of charge to the broadest possible audience.


Build Newen STUDIOS into a European powerhouse, rooted in France 

After several years of growth by acquisitions, Newen Studios is one of the leading French studios in the pan-European market, and the no.1 drama and documentary producer in France. Recognized expertise and a renowned talent pool – and being a force to reckon with in distribution – mean that Newen Studios has the capacity to develop projects across all formats and genres. That’s why we are a go-to partner for public-service and commercial broadcasters, and for multinational media platforms. Our ambition: to continue nurturing and showcasing French and European culture, through our historic brands and ongoing development of new growth-driver projects. 


million euros of revenue in 2023
media company in the general classification of France’s most responsible companies in 2023 (Le Point)
hours of content produced by Newen Studios in 2023
employees in 11 countries in 2023

Our mission

To stand the test of time, media groups need a strong editorial and cultural focus, which anchors their relevance and value for the public. In an often divided society, we play a major societal role. 
We enable people to share experiences and strong emotions through a programme line-up that encourages everyone to come together.
We nurture French popular culture, with heroes, values and stories that become embedded in our everyday lives. 
We foster democratic debate, with rigorous, trusted and respectful news coverage that unites our nation and benefits society.