Our studios
With TF1 Studio and our subsidiary Newen, home to our French and international production studios, we have a unique international production and distribution capability. Our entertainment and news content is now broadcast worldwide. In parallel with our audiovisual activities and their diversifications, we are stepping up our development in music via Play Two.
Our activities based on TF1 channels
We have constructed a powerful ecosystem around the market-leading channel TF1, comprising 5 free-to-air channels, 4 theme channels, and a content platform with more than 23m users with MYTF1. The size of our audiences and the synergies between our channels make the TF1 Group the leading private-sector TV company in France.
Our web native activities
Present in France and abroad, Unify brings together the new digital activities of the TF1 Group. The division is made up of some fifteen media brands and services and assists its clients with all their digital marketing challenges and issues via a single point of entry: Unify Advertising. This pure-player advertising network offers advertisers and media agencies alike a range of integrated services and expertise specialising in programming and performance, as well as consulting, digital and social creation and events.