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© Stéphane Lavoué © Drella Forever ©TF1, TF1 Photo Unit: Jean-Claude Roca, Christophe Chevalin, Bernard Asset, Jean-Marc Sureau, Françoise Pages, Gérard Bedeau, Julien Cauvin, Étienne Chognard, Frédéric Piau, Georges Galmiche, Patrick Roche, Patrick Roncen, Rutman, Maestracci, Marie Laure Harot, Georges Bosio - Yagan Productions, Art Streiber © Sipa: Pascal Le Secrétain, Lydie  © 2005 ABC INC, Ron P. Jaffe, Anthony Mandier - Fox Broadcasting, © 2006 Chez Wam - StudioCanal - Script associés - TF1 Films Production, © Films Christian Fechner - photo Jean-Marie Leroy – All rights reserved, Buena Vista International TV, Ch. Lartige - CL2P - TF6, TEAM TO/TF1, JET, TF1 Vidéo, © TFM Distribution, Eurosport - Getty Images - WTCC, David Koskas - TF1 International, Clive Coote, © Bruno Calvo - Les Films Manuel Munz, Peter " Hopper " Stone - © 2005 ABC INC, Byron Cohen © 2005 Jada Productions Limited, Stocbyte, Radius, Stockdisc, MikeWatson, Pixland, Photodisc, It Stock, Images, GrahicObsession, Artwork: lemonsqueezer - 2005, Crazy Frog tm - image and character created by Eric Wernquist - Used under exclusive license by Kaktus film - Crazy Frog tm is a protected name. Used under exclusive license from Jamba Gmbh. © Eurosport © Big nose © The Voice B. Girette / Shine / Bureau 233. © 1789 les amants de la Bastille, Pallancher Gautier © Astérix & Obélix contre César, 1999 - KATHARINA / PATHE RENN PRODUCTION - TF1 FILMS PRODUCTIONS - BAVARIA ENTERTAINMENT - MELAMPO CINEMATOGRAPHICA - © Intouchables - Gaumont – All other images © TF1.


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