‘‘The positive vibe we share with our audiences is born of the passion and enthusiasm of our 3,200 employees. It also comes from the talent of the many partners we work with every day in France and abroad to bring our projects alive. We need this diversity of expertise, experience, perspectives and sensibilities so that we can work together to imagine, develop and promote the most inspiring content. That’s why we regard our differences as a phenomenal source of creativity!’’  

Valérie Languille, Executive Vice President Human Relations & CSR

Our HR Culture

We bring people together 

We’re all familiar with the public face of the media, but there are hundreds of people working away behind the scenes. Our strength comes from that: from our trust in each other and our ability to assemble around a project all the talents needed to make the magic work. This involves everyone playing their part and taking responsibility, and a shared desire to accomplish and succeed together. TV is like sport: the greatest successes are team efforts. It was true yesterday, and it’s even more true today given the incredible diversity of projects that we take on each year, involving a wealth of personalities and skills, and leading edge expertise. Whatever your role, you can be sure that at TF1 you will never be alone!

We impassion people

We are in the business of passion and action. That demands responsiveness, inventiveness, but above all a sense of responsibility. Everything we do gets noticed and commented on. What we do has an immediate impact, so we want it to be a positive impact … for our company and our employees, for our customers, but also for our audiences and society at large. This requires energy, enthusiasm, and in a word, engagement. Hence our pride in being part of the TF1 team. We engage by letting your passion grow. Every day we offer your passion new avenues to express itself, and scope to blossom and bloom.

We believe in you

The personalities and creativity of our staff are our most valuable asset. We need them so that we can always be imagining new content, new offers, new formats. So that every day we can invent the television of tomorrow. So that we can positively inspire society. We cultivate this difference and allow everyone to express it freely. At TF1 Group, diversity isn’t just a marketing ploy and kindness isn’t just a word. We were the first media organisation in France to obtain the Diversity label and to sign the LGBT Charter. And in 2019 we were again named the world’s best media company for gender equality. Do you have a positive vibe to share? A quirky way of looking at the world? Do you have talents just looking for an outlet? Like us, do you have the ambition to believe that the best is yet to come? If so, come and surprise us, and surprise yourself!

We will develop your talent

Enabling our employees to blossom and fulfil their potential is a priority for us. We want to support them day by day in developing their potential to the full and advancing within the Group. Our integration policy eases new recruits into work and helps them adapt to our corporate culture. And we also have a personalised continuing professional education training program, which all staff follow, and an intrapreneurship program open to all. On top of this, our internal mobility strategy enables everyone to develop and discover new skills during their time with TF1. 

You engage, we engage

We didn’t want to choose between solidarity, promoting diversity, supporting equal opportunities and working for a more sustainable society: that’s because as a media organisation it’s our duty to support all positive initiatives and get them out there. Starting with our workmates’ passions! Every day our employees are making their voices heard, trying to make society move in the right direction through personal or group projects, but also through the highly active communities around gender equality (Fifty Fifty), inclusion and environmental protection. And we’re right behind them! 

Committed to diversity

Our areas of expertise

Creation and production

Every year we create and produce thousands of hours of content with the greatest talents … for television and cinema, social media networks and our own sites, but also for the pleasure of all!


News is definitely at the heart of what we do: our newscasts are the most watched in Europe, we broadcast France’s no.2 news channel, and we also produce hard-hitting reportage and documentaries, especially within our Capa subsidiary.

Editing and broadcasting

Every year the TF1 Group invests nearly a billion euros in content. The challenge for us is to curate the response to that content from all our TV and digital channel audiences, ensuring the best experience and optimal quality for all.

Content distribution

We work hand in hand with online platforms and world media giants to distribute our content globally, enabling it to reach the widest possible audience.


We put all our brands, data and expertise at the service of companies and their growth. With two complementary ad agencies – TF1 PUB and Unify Advertising – we provide tailored, high-powered solutions for all advertisers.


In-depth knowledge of our audiences and our communities enables us to imagine products that are just what they want. Genuinely unique know-how in a business of the future, especially around My Little Box.

Music and entertainment

Our experts create events and curate live encounters between artists and their public, especially at the Seine Musicale concert arena. The TF1 Group is also involved in managing the hottest licences and creating innovative board games.

Cross-disciplinary divisions

Our cross-disciplinary teams (Technologies, Strategy, Innovation, Communication and Brands, Human Relations, Legal, Finance) support TF1’s transformation and the development of its activities.

Our awards