"The TF1 Group has been at Station F, the world’s biggest start-up campus, since January 2018. That shows how committed we are to being at the heart of the innovation ecosystem. Our accelerator program aims to experiment with and industrialise, within the TF1 environment, innovative solutions and services aligned on new trends in our markets and businesses. This six-month program epitomises our deep commitment to the new generation of entrepreneurs."

Arnaud Mopin, Head of Innovation

How it works


We have a team of specialist experts to help move collaborations forward. Each start-up has an operational sponsor tasked with bringing the joint project to fruition. Technical experts then take over to test, integrate and industrialise the solutions. 



We partner with Roland Berger Digital Ventures and the RAISE investment fund to provide coaching support to help start-ups meet the challenges of developing their venture (business strategy, fund-raising, product roadmap, etc). 


We also provide practical help: free office space for six months, dedicated budgets, access to our technical resources and data, advice on media strategy, and access to our client/partner networks.

Join us!

Would you like to work with the TF1 Group?

The TF1 Media Lab recruits startups twice a year to join the programme! 
Throughout the year we meet with startups to discuss the business issues encountered by TF1.
If, in your opinion, your startup meets an internal need and could be the subject of a constructive collaboration, please do not hesitate to write to us at: stationf@tf1.fr. " 



Head of Innovation
Arnaud Mopin
MediaLab Head of Communication
Lucile Baudrier
Startup program manager
Eléa Hernandez