The TF1 Foundation

The TF1 Foundation is one of the proudest achievements of the Group and its people. For over fifteen years we have been striving for equality of opportunity. We have seen youngsters for whom the TF1 Tower was an unreachable dream grow and blossom. The Foundation has been a springboard for them. With financial and staff support, integrating young people into the world of work is the nub of what we do. We also play a major role in media education for young and old as the sources of news proliferate. The TF1 Foundation is committed to supporting initiatives promoting these two major priorities of our company. Christelle Chiroux, TF1 Foundation Chief Operating Officer

Our actions

Job opportunities

It isn’t easy for youngsters from deprived neighbourhoods to break into the media industry. Even though they’re motivated and keen, they face two obstacles: they lack work experience, and face discrimination from some employers because of their backgrounds. So we give qualified youngsters from deprived areas a springboard to a career in the media sector.


Many young entrepreneurs from deprived neighbourhoods struggle to succeed with business start-ups. So with our partners, we have developed schemes to support them as they take control of their future.

Mentorship and tutoring

Career journeys start early – so what happens in school is crucial. The TF1 Foundation works with non-profits, the government and selected private-sector initiatives, and encourages TF1 employees to mentor school students from deprived neighbourhoods.

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Our partners


Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes (CFPJ)

Every year, in partnership with the journalist training college Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes, the TF1 Foundation offers a two-year apprenticeship to ten young recruits, who are trained by our News division. Since the TF1 Foundation was created, more than 120 youngsters have joined the TF1 group. And out of the first eight intakes, 93% found a job (52% with the TF1 group).


CLEMI (the centre for media and news education) is responsible for media and news education throughout the French education system. Building on strong roots in the teaching community, its mission is to promote pluralism in the use of sources of news in education, with the aim of promoting better comprehension among the world’s school children. Partnering with CLEMI, the TF1 Foundation organises “Drama Encounters”, “News Encounters” and “Press Week”.