TF1 Initiatives Launches the Week of Engagement

TF1 Initiatives Launches the Week of Engagement

After 15 years of engaging in a large number of collective initiatives for the benefit of society, the TF1 group is launching our “Week of Engagement”, with two objectives:

•    To raise staff awareness of the work of “TF1 Initiatives"
•    To invite staff to become key players by making a long-term commitment to charities

Employees are encouraged to take an active role and make a lasting commitment through the events that take place during the week.

On the agenda:

#1 Kicking Off the Week of Engagement
Information about existing efforts to foster engagement at the TF1 group and a photo exhibit featuring employees who are already working with associations.

#2 Rewarding employee engagement with the “Give your charity a helping hand” initiative
Employee award ceremony: the jury will award 2,500 euros to causes that group employees support on their own time. The associations were selected based on how they improve quality of life in France and the extent of the staff member’s contributions to the charity. Group employees will vote for the two organisations they wish to recognise with two "Favourite" awards.

#3 Working together in support of the La Vie au Grand Air/Priorité Enfance Foundation
Employees and presenters from group channels will be invited to help create a mural for the La Vie au Grand Air/Priorité Enfance Foundation, a major supporter of children's causes. Volunteers and employees from the organisation and our employees will have a chance to share in this group effort on behalf of a great cause.

#4 Master Class: “How we can change the world”
The presentation will discuss humanitarian engagement and will feature people who are actively involved in philanthropy or entrepreneurship:

Olivier Maurel (founder of Co-Gitons and Intériorité & Changements, former head of open innovation at the Danone group) will share his vision of the different forms engagement and philanthropy can take. Muriel Hermine (former synchronised swimming champion and head of the Académie des Passions), Adèle Galey (Ticket for change) and Jean-Marc Potdevin (former executive at Yahoo and creator of the Entourage app) will share personal experiences and discuss their own philanthropic efforts. 
Jean-François Guillemin (former general secretary of the Bouygues group, chairman of the Bouygues foundation and board member of the Perce-Neige Foundation), will describe his experiences in the field of engagement, and Nikos Aliagas will share his experience of the Grégory Lemarchal Association.

The Master Class conference will be facilitated by Sylvia Amicone, herself a socially active journalist.

#5 Putting skills to work for a good cause during the Hackathon
In the Hackathon, a day of collective action at the group, staff will pool their expertise in service of two good causes, in order to:
-    Optimise website features to make it more accessible for people with certain physical disabilities.
-    Develop features for the Entourage app, which builds a network of people who want to help the homeless in their neighbourhoods, by optimising its geolocation and connectedness features.


Keep up to date on the Week of Engagement and learn about all our humanitarian work on the @TF1Initiatives Twitter page.