“If we want to speak to everyone, we need to look like everyone. TF1 wants to show the way in fighting discrimination and promoting equal opportunities. Words alone are not enough, so we translate our words into action through the TF1 Foundation. We are proud to say that for many years now, we have been actively working to break down social barriers and celebrate diversity – and we have made a real difference.”

Samira Djouadi, TF1 Foundation CEO

The TF1 Foundation

The TF1 Foundation is bubbling with ideas to tackle all forms of discrimination, promote mutual aid initiatives, and encourage equal opportunities. We are convinced that businesses thrive when their people come from a diverse range of backgrounds. That’s why for more than ten years, we have been creating job opportunities for young people from deprived neighbourhoods. We help them to build a network of contacts, support them through their studies and career decisions, and back their business start-up plans. In doing so, we help break down stereotypical attitudes towards deprived areas and open up dialogue. Led by our CEO Samira Djouadi, we are driven by a common aspiration: to let all talents shine !

Our actions

Professional integration

Opening the doors of an industry to which youngsters from deprived areas do not normally have access: that’s what we are trying to achieve. Even though they are motivated and keen, when they try to get into the industry many young people are confronted by a double obstacle: their lack of work experience, and discrimination on the part of some employers because of where applicants come from. That’s why we are helping a number of qualified young people from deprived backgrounds by offering them a springboard into work.


To combat the difficulties encountered by many young entrepreneurs from poorer areas when they try to set up a business, we work through a number of partnerships and offer support to help the youngsters get started and take control of their own destiny.

Mentoring & tutoring

Because decisions around getting youngsters into the job market have to be taken early and everything happens at school, the TF1 Foundation works with charitable bodies and the Urban Policy Ministry, as well as some private initiatives, and encourages TF1 Group employees to mentor school students from Priority Zones.

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Our partners


Tous en stage

Alongside other companies like Coca Cola, Air France, Microsoft and Adecco, the TF1 group is partnering Tous en Stage, a charity which aims to offer 14-15 year old students from schools in Priority Zones their first commercial experience, giving them a variety of skills and helping them find their vocation. The initiative has been a success: in five years 3,200 youngsters have followed the program, which has involved 148 schools and 130 businesses.

#stop illettrisme

Created in 2013, #stopillettrisme is France’s first and only charity combatting illiteracy in the workplace. It offers companies a training course for employees who can’t read or write.

Boxer Inside

Funded by the US embassy in France and the Boxer Inside charity founded by Sarah Ourahmoune, Start US up! follows young entrepreneurs, most of whom come from Priority Zones and deprived rural areas. The program gives them a unique seven-month support period while they develop their plans, and entitles them to take part in the 2024 Olympic Games.


“Révélateur de Talents” (Revealing Talents) is a competition that has been organised every year for the last five years by the charity Créo, which supports youngsters setting up businesses. Its purpose is to help young entrepreneurs create or develop their business through its “emergence” programs, which are open to all business hopefuls and “young creatives”, and are designed for businesses which have been trading for less than three years.

100 jours pour entreprendre

Set up by entrepreneurs in 2012, the 100 jours pour entreprendre (100 days to become an entrepreneur) movement aims to encourage youngsters to become entrepreneurs. Every year it organises a competition for young people hoping to set up a business. The winner is awarded the “boîte 100 jours”: a young entrepreneur kit. The initiative is supported by a number of entrepreneur networks, including Réseau Entreprendre Paris.


Twice a year Été et Noël Solidaire (Summer and Christmas Solidarity) organises fundraising through the TF1 Foundation. The fundraising has already mobilised 700 employees, and around 50 charities have benefited. Since 2017, the chosen charity has been Aurore, with employees donating clothing, games, books, school supplies, household linen, etc.

Newen Foundation

The Newen Foundation, chaired by Bibiane Godfroid, aims to support and accompany the talents of tomorrow – in all their diversity – in media skills. Its first partnership, with Conservatoire Européen d’Ecriture Audiovisuelle (CEEA), the only scriptwriting school in France, focuses on defending diversity in the French creative industries, and encouraging a plurality of viewpoints. Newen Studios and the CEEA share a common vision: developing French drama and backing talented people. Keen to offer the best possible conditions for study and reduce the obstacles associated with the cost of studying in Paris, the Newen Foundation has set up a system of bursaries for students of scriptwriting. Assessed on objective, pre-determined criteria, the bursaries provide successful applicants with €20,000 over their two-year course.