Farida Fekih

Born January 3, 1973 – French citizenship

Elected April 14, 2022 as Employees Representative Director

Termination of Mandate: 2024

Holds 10 shares in TF1

Business address: 1, quai du Point-du-Jour - 92100 Boulogne Billancourt 

Member of the Ethics, CSR and Patronage Committee

Farida Fekih holds a master's degree in computer science and electronics from the University of Paris 8 in 1997, and a master's degree in Management, Work and Social Development from the University of Paris Dauphine in 2017.

She joined the TF1 Group in 2000, where she first held a position as Web Project Manager within e-TF1. In 2007, Farida Fekih was transferred to TF1 SA as Project Manager in organization and change management. She will have the opportunity to lead different projects with the IT department and the Group's businesses. From now on, Farida Fekih will be in charge of the Product strategy for the content product division (within the DirTech) and will be in charge of the change management team for the Antennas and Médiafactory businesses.

From 2013 to 2018, Farida also served as an alternate on the TF1 SA Works Council while being designated as a CFDT union delegate. Farida Fekih has developed her CSR skills through the training courses TF1 has given to all the Group's employees. 

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