From aufeminin to Marmiton via My Little Paris, Les Numériques and Doctissimo, and not forgetting Netmums in the UK, Onmeda in Germany and Livingly Media in the United States, Unify is home to a group of sites that are trendsetters in their themes, and are managed by expert, exacting and enthusiastic editorial teams. Our journalists tackle a broad range of subjects and verticals: women, beauty, wellness and health, but also parenting, food, gaming and technologies. What do they have in common? More than just media platforms, these brands create engaging content that unites communities around shared centres of interest, seeking direction and advice at the different stages of their lives and in their product choices.


“ With more than 100 million unique visitors every month, Unify is a top-rank digital group built around federating content, original productions, talents and events. ”

Olivier Abecassis, Chairman of Unify

Our entities


World no.1 in female content, aufeminin is essentially a community of women listening to women, encouraging the sharing of experiences and promoting sisterhood. Its mission is to let all women’s voices be heard. Being there for women both day to day and at the watersheds of their lives, our editorial teams are driving the debate on issues of empowerment, body positivism, inclusion, mutual support, and the place of women in society.


Beauté Test was the first buying guide website specialising in beauty to appear on the internet, and for over 10 years it has been the unrivalled leader in its sector, with the largest database of beauty & cosmetics products and brands. Editorial teams have enriched its content through Beauté Test Le Mag, in which the community provides masses of practical advice.


CNET tracks the latest technological advances, featuring the latest products and helping embed new ways of doing things. CNET’s editorial team analyses current developments and provides buyers’ guides for fans of high tech. It gives practical advice and shares a large number of tutorials contributed by its highly active community.



A pioneer in the health/wellness vertical, Doctissimo’s offer revolves around themes of health, nutrition and family. Doctissimo informs and advises, and has established itself as France’s preferred everyday health and wellness partner.



The stand-out voice of the video games press, Gamekult is the go-to site for expert gamers. Every day our journalists test new games and provide all the news from the video gaming world, as well as economic and business updates on the sector. The success of the Premium offer has enabled Gamekult to consolidate its status with a demanding audience.


Our team are enthusiastic, rigorous and demanding. Their aim: to help everyone find the high tech product or consumer appliance that best meets their needs. Every year Les Numériques publishes the results of more than 2,000 tests, carried out in our own fully-fitted independent laboratory, using proven test protocols.


Livingly Media sites accompany women at every stage of their lives. Whether a woman is single or attached, starting her career or starting a family, Livingly Media advises her and unlocks the door so brands can connect with her.


Since it was launched in 1999, Marmiton has become France’s no.1 social food brand. It also has a strong leadership in publishing, with a paper magazine and bestselling recipe books. Every month, more than one in three French people visit its site. With more than 70,000 tested and approved recipes, Marmiton is committed to good eating. Its mission is to instil a taste for home cooking, simplify life in the kitchen, and raise awareness about the impact of food on health, society and the planet.



My Little Paris wants to bring surprise back into women’s daily lives. The original newsletter has gradually split into themes: Kids, Books Club, Green, Merci Alfred, Mona, Tapage, My Little Beauty, etc. In 2013, My Little Paris launched Urban Lab, a consultancy and creative agency that accompanies its partners on issues of interest to Paris and Parisians.


Netmums is the most followed parenting brand in the UK, where three out of four mums are members. Netmums combines a national parenting portal and 151 regional sites led by local correspondents. Netmums provides parenting support and offers personalised advice free of charge to thousands of mums when they need it.


Onmeda is one of Germany’s main health portals. Because health matters more than anything else, Onmeda provides easy-to-understand medical articles, reportage, interviews, videos and testimonies for all those who are actively concerned about their health and wellbeing.



Trying for a baby, pregnancy, giving birth, the baby, the child, motherhood... Parole de mamans is there for young parents and parents-to-be in their family life, offering all they need to know for an enjoyable parenting experience. With testimonies, expert advice and a comment column, Parole de mamans offers quality content written by enthusiastic journalists, and parents wanting to share their experience with others.


ZDNet provides news and decision-making tools. It unlocks the door to the IT sector for professionals and corporate decision-makers. Rolling news, key figures, services ... the ZDNet editorial team provides comprehensive coverage of IT news.