TF1 - Audience figures in october 2012

TF1 - Audience figures in october 2012



With a 23.4% audience share, up 0.4 points month on month, TF1 enjoyed its second-best month of the year in October, a full 8.7 points ahead of its closest rival.
TF1 was also the only channel to attract over 7 million viewers.
The figures confirm the strong momentum of TF1, which has made non-stop progress across all time slots and extended its prime time lead since the back-to-school period.
TF1 scored the month's top 20 audience ratings. An episode of The Mentalist topped the rankings with 9.7 million TV viewers.

Renewed momentum for news programmes
TF1's news programmes are attracting more viewers and continue to extend their lead over the competition.
The 8 o'clock news programme drew an average 6.8 million viewers, for a 27% audience share.
The 1 o'clock news programme posted its best month of the year with a 44% share and an average 6.0 million viewers.
7 à 8 drew as many as 5 million TV viewers and a 26% audience share.
The magazine Reportages, celebrating its 25th anniversary this autumn, attracted an average 5 million viewers, for a 35% share of the audience. 

Danse avec les Stars 3,  le grand show du samedi soir                                 
The programme achieved its highest audience ratings since launch with nearly 6 million viewers on average since Saturday 6 October. Audience figures are up nearly one million on last season and the show is a hot topic on the social networks.

Excellent access ratings for 50' inside, le Juste Prix, Nos chers voisins and Après le 20h c'est Canteloup

50' inside  enjoyed its best month yet in 2012 with a 25% audience share of individuals aged 4 and over and 4 million TV viewers on average. The programme set one record after another, achieving a 26% audience share on Saturday 27 October - its best performance with individuals aged 4 and over since the start of the season.

An average 4.4 million viewers tuned in to Le juste prix, over 200,000 more than last month.

Nos chers voisins attracted an average 5.0 million viewers at 7.50 pm and a high of 8.4 million for the 8.40 pm broadcast on Tuesday 2 October. 

Après le 20 heures c'est Canteloup, returning to air on 8 October, has performed strongly with an average 7.2 million viewers and a high of over 9 million.

« Dimanche Cinéma », a major film event
Ice Age 3 drew 9.2 million viewers on the first weekend of the school holidays, while La Rafle appealed to a broad range of generations, totalling 7.1 million viewers. 

Sport : record figures for the France/Spain match
With 8.6 million viewers, the match between France and Spain scored the highest ratings for a French team qualifying game in two years.


Sources Médiamat / Médiamétrie


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