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Boulogne, 23 May 2019


On 24th May, François Pellissier will become Managing Director of TF1 Publicité and Sport at the TF1 group, and will also join the Executive Committee. He succeeds Régis Ravanas, Executive Vice President, Advertising & Diversification, who has decided to leave the Group.
François will be tasked with steering the commercial strategy of our advertising airtime sales arm, and growing its market leadership. Reporting to him in his new role will be:
• Sylvia Tassan Toffola, Vice President of TF1 Publicité;
• Laurent Bliaut, Deputy General Manager – Marketing and R&D of TF1 Publicité
His ability to build high-level business relationships with major corporates and knowledge of the digital sphere mean he is uniquely placed to drive the transformation of our airtime sales model.
• Laurence Pera, Director of TF1 Distribution, will also report to him as she continues to manage agreements for the distribution of the Group’s channels in France and internationally.

François will continue to head up the Group’s Sport division, working closely with Ara Aprikian, Executive Vice President, Content.
Olivier Jacobs, Director of TF1 Entertainment and TF1 Studio, reports directly to Gilles Pélisson, and will continue to develop this division.
Within the Content division, Fabrice Bailly is taking over as Managing Director of TF1 Production, in addition to his role as the Group’s Director of Programmes and Acquisitions.

Gilles Pélisson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the TF1 group, says: “With his ten years of experience at TF1 Publicité, and then in digital and forging partnerships with major sports bodies and federations, François Pelissier has the unique strengths needed to head up the development of our multimedia advertising offer and deliver the transformation of that offer, and to ensure that it moves in step with our Content and Unify divisions.”
“Alongside Ara Aprikian, Fabrice Bailly has contributed extensively to the editorial makeover of our programme output as part of our bi-media multi-channel strategy. His acknowledged expertise and huge experience in audiovisual content acquisition and production are important skills for developing TF1 Production and aligning it on what our channels need.”
“I should like to thank Régis Ravanas for his exceptional contribution at the helm of the Group’s Advertising and Diversification division over nearly three years. Régis has been with the Group for ten years, and has met many challenges to help us grow our Group.”

François Pellissier
François Pellissier, aged 48, joined the Group in 1995 as part of the team in the TF1 Publicité marketing department. He then moved to the internet sales department, becoming its Director in 2001. He was appointed Associate Director for sponsorship and diversification in 2005, and in 2006 took up the post of Associate Director of WAT. In 2007, François joined TF1 Publicité Production as Vice President, and in 2010, he became Vice President of TF1 Production with responsibility for sport, shorts and trailers. In September 2014 he took charge of Sports Rights Acquisitions for the TF1 group. From September 2016, he served as Managing Director of TF1 Production.

Fabrice Bailly
Fabrice Bailly, aged 52, is a graduate of HEC Business School. He joined TF1 in 1992 in the Acquisitions department. In 2000, he served successively as Managing Director of TF6 and Série Club, before being appointed as Managing Director of TMC in 2006. Fabrice rejoined TF1 in 2009 as head of Unscripted Programmes. He took on extra responsibilities in 2011, as head of Artistic Acquisitions, and again in 2012 as head of Children’s Programmes. Fabrice became Director of Programmes in February 2016, and then Director of Programmes and Acquisitions for the TF1 group in June 2016.Boulogne, 23 May 2019