Metro becomes Metronews

Metro becomes Metronews


Metro becomes Metronews
and launches a new-look website

Metro is changing name and unifying its news service under Metronews brand
Some ten months after Metro's switch to reverse publishing, the free news media is taking a new step forward in its development plan and changing name to Metronews. The change will take effect for readers on 29 May across all media, including print, web, tablets and smartphones. "By underlining the news dimension, the Metronews name demonstrates our core business of making all news accessible to all readers and asserts our position as a modern, standard-setting news brand" said Edouard Boccon-Gibod, Chairman of Metro France.

Metronews, a 100% responsive-design website, is focused on visual impact and direct news access 
Developed using responsive design to adapt to all screens, Metronews brings users a top-quality browsing experience and is one of the first French media sites to take on this type of technology (along with Le Figaro, L'Opinion and MyTF1). Faithful to the graphic design cues that have underpinned the identity of Metro since launch, Metronews also gives pride of place to images, which are used as lead-ins for news pieces. "News generally speaks for itself" says Sophie Sachnine, Chief Executive Officer of Metro France. "We wanted to keep browsing simple right from the homepage, with the priority on the story itself whatever the news category. Web users can access the different news sections at any time via the menu. Accessibility and simplicity have long been our hallmark."

The new site is based on the bold idea of ultra-simplified browsing, with web users accessing news directly from the homepage, regardless of the category. For enhanced browsing, the menu and search functions are accessible at all times, wherever the user is on the site.

The changes will be accompanied on 4 June by a large-scale, €2.5-million advertising campaign rolled out on TV, radio and the web.

Virginie Duval