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Host of new features for our media brands
Launch of a cookieless data platform
Acceleration in e-commerce
New CSR label


Since Unify was formed in 2019, a series of initiatives have taken us to a unique position in the digital marketplace: home to some of France’s favourite brands, and offering advertisers high-powered solutions through our one-stop ad sales house Unify Advertising.

We have continued to grow our e-commerce activities, with MyLittleBox adding 8% to its subscriber base in April and La Beautiful Box seeing a 30% rise in revenue between April and May.
Unify is now a powerful, creative digital ecosystem attracting over 100 million unique visitors a month, 48 million of them in France.
In just a few months, our teams have given our iconic brands a makeover to bring them closer than ever to our users.

Unify is built around powerful, iconic brands, each of which was named as France’s favourite in its category in the Harris Interactive survey of August 2020.
We are using the back-to-school period to consolidate that position with a host of new features:

Marmiton: 3 new features from October
- Online food shopping with partner FlyMenu
- Nutri-Score nutritional value ratings on each recipe;
- Launch of a recipe recommendation engine based on ratings from Marmiton usersAudience: 24 million users and 100,000 copies of Marmiton magazine sold per month.

- New Medical Committee, headed up by Dr Gérald Kierzek
- #Doctistories, a new monthly online medical talk show with experts, patients and a panel from the Doctissimo community, produced by Vertical Station
-New brand identity and website makeover
Audience: 13.7 million users per month, site recommended by more than 7 out of 10 French people.

-Launch of “Speak Louder Act Better”: a celebrity takes over as guest editor for the day to encourage awareness and debate on issues neglected by online media, such as fat-shaming or the menopause
- Following the new visual identity unveiled in 2019, Aufeminin is working on a radical brand makeover for 2021
-Creation of a single editorial team across Unify’s three brands for women (Paroles de maman, Aufeminin and Beauté Test), to bolster expertise and unlock synergies across the three sites
- The most innovative women’s website over the last 20 years (in 2019, Aufeminin was France’s first media platform to launch on TikTok, where it now has 660k subscribers)
Audience: 8.4 million users and 29 million video views per month.

Les Numériques:
- The specialist buyer’s guide site is developing new services alongside its comparative surveys of high-tech products and home appliances. The site is now looking to extend its expertise into new areas such as DIY and cars/electric vehicles, a category that has surged by 59% since April.
Audience: 4.5 million users per month, and growth of more than 7% since January.

-The famous newsletter is moving into online learning with the launch of Traverses, a 100% digital course to help people unlock creativity in their professional and personal lives. It’s an original format that brings creativity within reach of everyone, through a monthly series of tutorials given by artists, explorers, craftspeople and dreamers.
- Launch of Chez Mona, a safe and inclusive meeting place in the “Cité Audacieuse” women’s rights centre in Paris, featuring a café and workspace and a schedule of events focused on gender equality.
Chez Mona is due to open on 24 September.
Audience: 5 million subscribers to the newsletter, 1 million subscribers on Instagram.

Unify Audience Platform, our new cookieless data management platform, is the most innovative solution on the market:
- delivering enhanced affinity in ad campaigns via extended, diversified targeting (behavioural, semantic, CRM); and
- quadrupling the reach of advertising material.
Our proprietary technology holistically consolidates all the user data derived from our brands: 60 million profiles in all, 45 million of them in France.
The data are collected exclusively in a first-party environment that no longer relies on third-party cookies, but instead uses an in-house identifier in a 100% compliant ecosystem developed by our own data specialists.

Buoyed by the success of MyLittleBox, Gambettes and BeautifulBox by aufeminin brands, we are looking to accelerate these brands’ growth via strong partnerships and a broader geographical reach.
In readiness for international expansion, the identity and branding of BeautifulBox by aufeminin are due for a makeover by the end of the year.

At Unify, all our brands embody strong values. From the outset, our brands – and their communities – have used their content and partnerships to support women’s rights and promote a more sustainable planet, especially around eating better.
We’re now taking this to the next level with the “Unify for good” label, which will enable our partners to join us in promoting the “behave responsibly” message.
This initiative will cover everything our web publishers do, from event planning to initiatives such as Mona, Orenda and Green Letter by MyLittleParis, and also embraces our partnerships with organisations like the “Maison des femmes” women’s aid charity, the GoodPlanet Foundation, and the WhatRocks responsible advertising label.

About Unify:
Unify brings together the TF1 group’s expanding digital operations. Operating in France and internationally, Unify is home to a range of media brands and services: Aufeminin, Marmiton, Doctissimo, Parole de mamans, MyLittleParis, Beauté Test, Les Numériques, Cnet, Zdnet, Gamekult, Vertical Station, Studio71, Magnetism, Ykone, Gamned!, and Unify Digital Factory.
A leader in key verticals (women, health, food and lifestyle), Unify reaches 48 million unique visitors in France through its brands (91% reach), and more than 100 million unique visitors in other countries.
As a top-rank digital group built around engaged communities, original productions, and popular events, Unify can leverage its strong expertise to help brands re-invent themselves through media, e-commerce, influencers, data, content, and social networks.
Unify companies operate in three core businesses: publishers, brand solutions and services, and social e-commerce.
The in-house ad sales arm, Unify Advertising, is a one-stop shop for agencies and advertisers to access all of Unify’s media brands and services.