TF1 Group and Passeport Avenir association

TF1 Group and Passeport Avenir association



The TF1 Group becomes a partner company of the
Passeport Avenir association


With the new partnership, TF1 Group commits, through the TF1 Foundation, to setting up a network of volunteer tutors from its staff to work with students from Passeport Avenir. A representative from the TF1 Foundation will sit on the association's Board.

Passeport Avenir, a French equal opportunities association, and the TF1 Foundation are today announcing the signature of a partnership agreement on fostering equal opportunities and diversity. The TF1 Group has thus joined the circle of Passeport Avenir partner companies.

As such, a TF1 Foundation representative will now sit on the association's Board of Directors and work to build a network of volunteer tutors from his or her staff. The tutors will support Passeport Avenir students in their study programmes and hep to increase their understanding of how things work at companies and the range of professions they offer.

Commenting, Benjamin Blavier, Delegate General at Passeport Avenir, said: "We are delighted about the partnership with the TF1 Foundation, which marks a major step forward for Passeport Avenir. The partnership strengthens our Board of Directors extends our partner company network - formerly telecoms-focused - to other sectors."

Nonce Paolini, Chairman and CEO of the TF1 Group, said: "Passeport Avenir and the Foundation share the same conviction, namely that companies have a key role to play in helping young people discover and join the professional world. Passeport Avenir's endeavours tie in perfectly with those of our Foundation, which launched a similar policy five years ago. Together, we will be able to continue our fight against discrimination and work even harder for equal opportunities."

About Passeport Avenir
The Passeport Avenir association was founded in 2005 to tackle the under-representation of young people from lower-class backgrounds at France's leading management and engineering schools and top-level academic establishments, a recurrent issue stemming from the persistence of discrimination and social determinism.

Companies have a decisive role to play in fostering equal opportunities and encouraging diverse skills, starting at school. Passeport Avenir has partnered with 14 large companies* that work with it to support students from 115 educational establishments (secondary, post-secondary and university) in the shape of tutoring, workshops and real-life assistance. Our goal is to help them form a deeper understanding of professions, get them to look beyond their education to their careers, and boost their ambition, in the long term creating examples of successful people from diverse backgrounds.
Each year, Passeport Avenir supports more than 4,000 young people from lower-class backgrounds, with the backing of the French Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Further Education and Research and the Ministry of Urban Policy.

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* Accenture, Alcatel-Lucent, Atos France, Capgemini France, Ericsson France, Gemalto, Groupe TF1, Orange, Qualcomm, Sagemcom, SFR, SNCF, Accor and Crédit Mutuel.

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