TF1 group sign an innovative distribution agreement with Altice-SFR group

TF1 group sign an innovative distribution agreement with Altice-SFR group

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TF1 and Altice-SFR reinvent the broadcaster-distributor relationship
by signing an innovative distribution agreement


The TF1 and Altice-SFR groups announce the signature of the first all-in distribution agreement to include the TF1 Premium offer alongside add-on services.

The TF1 Premium offer and the add-on services comprise:

  • Enhanced MYTF1 service (including exclusive premieres of programmes from TF1 group channels, extended catch-up beyond the first seven days, and availability on catch-up of the full run of some seasons of iconic shows) ;
  • New tie-in services: start over[1], cast[2], multi-screen[3] ;
  • All five TF1 group unencrypted channels ;
  • SFR subscribers to enjoy 4K quality screening of all matches from the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia to be broadcast by TF1 group channels ;
  • Development and distribution of a new channel taking TF1 group programmes, for which Altice-SFR will have a 6-month exclusivity period[4], to be available from the first quarter of 2018 ;
  • TF1 group to bear transmission costs for the unencrypted channels.

The TF1 and Altice-SFR groups are also working together to devise advertising solutions tailored to new viewing habits.

Renewal of the thematic channels agreement

In parallel, TF1 and Altice-SFR have renewed their distribution agreements for the TF1 group’s theme channels: Histoire, TV Breizh and Ushuaia TV.

Withdrawal of legal actions

In light of this agreement, the parties are withdrawing their respective legal actions relating to the new TF1 Premium offer, and SFR subscribers will once again be able to access MYTF1 from 7 November.


Gilles Pélisson, Chairman & CEO of the TF1 group, says: “We are delighted to have struck this innovative partnership deal with Altice-SFR. It recognises the value of our content, keeps pace with changing viewing habits and enhances the viewer experience. This agreement is a major advance and opens up a new era in the relationship between broadcasters and distributors. Both of our groups were driven by a commitment to put consumers first, and to reach a fair deal that will stand the test of time.”


Alain Weill, CEO of SFR Media, says: “We are very pleased with this novel agreement with the TF1 group. Together we are enhancing the offer to SFR subscribers, who will be the first to benefit from these new very high added-value services. This deal strengthens Altice-SFR’s leading position as content operator.” 



[1] Enables users to return to the start of a programme during linear viewing.
[2] Enables TF1 group programmes to be displayed on TV screens via mobiles or tablets.
[3] Services can be accessed via mobile screens.
[4] Not included in the initial Premium offer. Reserved exclusively for SFR for a 6-month period.