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Best January since 2013 among W<50PDM[1] (32.9% share), since 2013 among 25-49 year-olds (29.7% share), and since 2008 among 15-34 year-olds (33.3% share)  (excluding January 2021 when a curfew was in force in France).

55.8 million viewers watched TF1 group channels during January.

  • TF1: by far the most-watched TV channel, very high ratings with target audiences: 21.9% W<50PDM (7.1 pt gap vs. nearest rival), 19.6% 25-49 year-olds [5.5 pt gap] and young viewers [27% of 15-24 year-olds, best since 2010].
  • TMC: best January ever for target audiences, 5.0% share of 25-49 year-olds and 4.8% share of W<50PDM.
  • LCI: started the year in good shape, with 1.2% audience share.
  • TFX: best month of the season to date among W<50PDM, 3.3% share.
  • TF1 Séries Films: record start to the year among its preferred target of W<50PDM, 2.6% share.

Clear leader: by far the most-watched TV channel on 18.5%, very high ratings with target audiences: best January among W<50PDM since 2018* with a 21.9% share.
47.5m viewers tuned in during the month.
The only French channel capable of screening shows that attract over 6m viewers (13 programmes)
News coverage: market leadership confirmed, and event TV status established with 38.8 million viewers each week
TF1 news programmes attracted the month’s top 3 top audience ratings
Evening news: 6.9m viewers for the exclusive interview with Stromae.
Lunchtime news: 6.1m viewers on Sunday 30 January, and average lead of 2.3m viewers over its nearest rival.
Huge success for the new politics show Partie de campagne, with 6.8m viewers.
7 à 8: peak of 4.5m for the profile screened on Sunday 30 January.
Must-see drama: Sam back in force, new market-leading and critically acclaimed shows
Mon ange attracted up to 5.6m viewers, and an average share of 24% of individuals aged 4+.
Peak audience of 4.9m for Sam: 29% of W<50PDM and 24% of 25-49 year-olds on average.
Audiences up for the return of Grey’s Anatomy (17th season): 35% of W<50PDM; 27% of
25-49 year-olds
January saw 27m viewers tune into our two daily soaps
Ici Tout Commence attracted up to 3.5m viewers, with a peak share of:
30% among W<50PDM
38% among 15-24 year-olds
Demain nous appartient also pulled in up to 3.5m viewers, with a peak share of:
22% among W<50PDM
28% among 15-24 year-olds
Standout movie ratings: average 31% share of W<50PDM and 32% of 25-49 year-olds
Raid Dingue attracted over 6m viewers, 30% share of individuals aged 4+ and 34% share of W<50PDM (the month’s best audience apart from new programming)
Luc Besson’s Anna took a 33% share of the W<50PDM audience.
Pride of place for Sport, with the French handball team’s semi-final: peak audience of 5.2m.      
Sport magazine shows at all-time highs: Automoto posted its biggest audience for 11 years last Sunday, with a 33% share of men aged under 50.
TV’s most watched entertainment nights, popular with all the family:
Ninja Warrior season 6: 27% of W<50PDM, 60% of 4-14 year-olds, 31% of 15-24 year-olds
La Chanson Secrète: 29% share of W<50PDM
Le Grand Concours: 26% share of W<50PDM

LCI on the rise, started 2022 in good shape with a 1.2% share of individuals aged 4+, up 0.1 pt on 2021
Success for the Place aux jeunes evening special, with 600,000 people reached on social media and a peak TV audience of 200,000.
Best month for 24H Pujadas since May 2020 (2.2% of individuals aged 4+), peak of 447,000 viewers.
Best month for Brunet et compagnie since March 2020 among the three key targets (1.2% of individuals aged 4+), second most-watched news channel.
En toute franchise made LCI the most-watched news channel: 1.9% audience share, and still growing year-on-year (+0.2 pt vs January 2021).
Other shows on the rise, also making LCI the second-most watched news channel:
Le grand jury (+0.5 pt year-on-year, 1.7% share of individuals aged 4+)
22H Darius Rochebin (+0.2 pt year-on-year, 1.1% share of individuals aged 4+), an all-time high for the show.

Record January with target audiences: 5.0% of 25-49 year-olds, 4.8% of W<50PDM.
Most-watched DTT channel among individuals aged 4+ for the 5th consecutive month.
All-time highs for Quotidien with its core targets (25-49 year-olds at 17%, ABC1s at 16%), and a peak audience of  2.3m (the month’s biggest DTT audience).
L’Agence back even stronger for season 2: 500,000 viewers, increased audience share among 25-49 year-olds at 5%.
The Nora Hamzawi live show attracted nearly 900,000 viewers: best performance for a live show since 2020.
Movie audiences peaked at 1 million, with the Fast and Furious franchise a standout.

Among W<50PDM, 6th most popular channel nationally and 3rd most-watched DTT channel.
JLC Family: best audiences yet, 10% of W<50PDM and 3rd most-watched DTT channel.

BEST-ever start to the year FOR CORE TARGET OF W<50PDM: 2.6% share
High ratings for movies, peaking at 900,000 for the Sissi trilogy and I, Robot.


[1] Women aged under 50 purchasing decision makers.



Source : Mediamat / Médiamétrie