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The TF1 group has increased its audience share among individuals aged 4+ by 0.3pt to 26.1%, and confirmed its clear market leading position among targets.

We upped our share to 33% of W<50PDM1 (+0.1pt) and 29.9% of 25-49 year-olds (+0.2pt).

55.5 million viewers watched our channels during January.

News, French drama and sport took pride of place on our channels TF1 was by far the most-watched TV channel, raising its share of the W<50PDM audience by 0.3pt and widening the gap over its nearest rival with 22.2% of W<50PDM (8.1pt gap, vs. 6.6pt previously) and 19.5% of 25-49 year-olds (6pt gap, vs. 5.5pt previously).

LCI posted the strongest year-on-year growth of any TV channel (0.8pt), and equalled its best-ever market share with 2%.

TMC was the clear leader among targets in DTT for the 5th month running: 4.8% share of 25-49 year-olds and ABC1s.

TFX was the second most-watched DTT channel after TMC among W<50PDM (3.6% share).

MYTF1 posted all of the top 9 catch-up viewing figures of the month


Clear leader in French TV market, very high share of target audiences The only incumbent channel to grow its female audience: 2nd best January since 2015 among W<50PDM with a 22.2% share. TF1 attracts 45.4 million viewers each week. The channel carries France’s strongest streaming brands with Lycée Toulouse Lautrec, Balthazar, Les Disparus de la Forêt Noire and S.W.A.T.

News bulletins still well ahead of the rest, with 39 million viewers each week

TF1 news is the unrivalled leader at both 1pm and 8pm. 1pm news: 4.7 million viewers on average, 39% share of individuals aged 4+. Best audience share for any 1pm news bulletin was for the edition anchored by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau on Monday 2 January, with a 41% share of individuals aged 4+.

8pm news: 5.5 million viewers on average and 26% share of individuals aged 4+ for bulletins anchored by Gilles Bouleau and Anne-Claire Coudray. The 8pm bulletin on Sunday 29 January, anchored by Anne-Claire Coudray attracted the biggest audience of the month for any programme on any channel, with 6.9 million viewers.

Magnificent success for French drama:

• Landmark series Lycée Toulouse Lautrec: ratings hit for a series that changes the way we look at disability - Clear leader with target audiences over all three evenings - Average Week 1 audience for the first two evenings: 4.3 million viewers, 35% of W<50PDM, 30% of 25-49 year-olds, 33% of 15-24 year-olds and 31% share of 15-34 year-olds - Lots of followers in Week 1: extra 934,000 viewers on average, peak of 1.04 million • Successful return for Balthazar: 6.9 million viewers for episode 1, 30% of individuals aged 4+

• Les Disparus de la Forêt Noire: average 5.3 million viewers for the mini-series, 27% of individuals aged 4+

• In January, 25.8 million viewers tuned into our two daily soaps - Ici Tout Commence – peak of 3.2 million viewers and up to: 33% share of W<50PDM 40% share of 15-24 year-olds - Demain nous appartient – peak of 3.1 million viewers, and up to: 24% share of W<50PDM, best January since 2020 29% share of 15-24 year-olds Pride of place for sport with the World Handball Championship: Final: France v. Denmark - 5.3 million viewers, best audience for a handball match since 2017. - Peak of 6.4 million viewers, very clear leader across all targets: 35% of 25-49 year-olds, 45% of 15-34 year-olds, 38% of men aged 25-49. -The semi-final involving France also performed very well, attracting 3.2 million viewers.

Ninja Warrior: average 26% share of W<50PDM, and big success with young viewers: 30% of 15-24 year-olds, 49% share of 4-14 year-olds. MYTF1 Our freeview streaming platform confirmed its status as clear market leader, with all of the top 9 catch-up audiences of the month.


LCI at record levels: 2% share of individuals aged 4+ for the fourth month running, and strongest year-on-year growth of any French TV channel (+0.8pt)

- LCI ranks as no.1 news channel by daily viewing time, with an average of 38 minutes

- 24H Pujadas: no.1 DTT channel and news channel, 2.9% share of individuals aged 4+ - No.1 news channel for evening viewing from 6pm for En Toute Franchise with Amélie Carrouër (365,000 viewers/2.3%), Brunet Hammett & Cie (313,000 viewers/2.1%), Le 20H Darius Rochebin (209,000 viewers/1%) and Le 22H Darius Rochebin with Alexia Mayer (267,000 viewers/1.8%)

- Monthly records for Le temps de l’info, presented by Elizabeth Martichoux (3.8%); Le Club Le Chatelier (2.5%); and Un Œil sur le monde with Ruth Elkrief and Julien Arnaud (0.9%).


No.1 DTT channel among targets for the fifth month running 4.8% share of 25-49 year-olds and ABC1s, 4.7% share of W<50PDM

• Quotidien still at all-time highs: most-watched DTT talk show with 1.9 million viewers (peak of 2.5 million, the biggest DTT audience of the month) - Best month EVER among targets: 19% of 25-49 year-olds, 18% of ABC1s • Distinctive premium evening schedules:

- L’Agence: back in force with a record season: 800,000 viewers (8% of 25-49 year-olds, 9% of ABC1s)

- All-new Une Soirée avec Asterix et Obelix: 800,000 viewers, season-best performance among target audiences for a DTT documentary with 8% of 25-49 year-olds and ABC1s

- The Artus show Duels à Davidejonatown: 800,000 viewers, season-best performance among target audiences for a DTT live show with 9% of 25-49 year-olds and 7% of ABC1s

- Movie franchises: Star Wars up to 700,000 viewers, Hunger Games up to 800 000 viewers.


No.2 DTT channel with core targets: +0.3pt growth among W<50PDM and 25-49 year-olds

• Records for the all-new Detox ta Maison: 500,000 viewers, and best launch for 7 years with target audience (7% of W<50PDM)

• France v. Germany World Handball Championship quarter-final: 1.1 million viewers, the channel’s biggest audience since 2021

• Movies: peak of 700,000 viewers for Night Run, biggest audience on TFX so far this year


Fine start to the year among core target audience of W<50PDM, 2.2% share

• Movies: peak of 800,000 viewers for Ready Player One, the channel’s biggest audience so far this year

• Series: peak of 500 000,viewers for New-York Section Criminelle (Law & Order: Criminal Intent).