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  • Best January for W<50PDM[1] since 2010 (34.0%), lead over nearest rival widening fast
  • Best January for 25-49 year-olds since 2011 (30.9%), lead over nearest rival widening fast
  • Best January among individuals aged 4+ since 2017, at 27.4%

Ara Aprikian, Deputy Head of Content, says: “Our ambition to ratchet up our drama and refresh our content has been given the thumbs up by the French public in January. These results mean TF1 group channels have achieved the strongest growth in television.”

Thierry Thuillier, Deputy Head of News, adds: “These audience figures are a just reward for the efforts of TF1 and LCI editorial teams, who have had to respond to this very complex situation by providing instruction and objective and verified news, and answering French people’s questions and needs.“


TF1 : Best new season January for 6 years

Strongest year-on-year growth in television among individuals aged 4+


  • Best January among targets since 2015, at 23.0% for W<50PDM (+1.4 of a point) and 20.9% for 25-49 year-olds (+1.2 of a point)
  •  Best January among individuals aged 4+ since 2016, at 19.9% (+0.7 of a point), strongest year-on-year growth in television
  • TF1 posted the 10 best audiences of the month and 17 audiences of over 7 million, including the best audience of 8.3m for an episode of La Promesse with Sofia Essaïdi and Olivier Marchal
  •  Many successes for prime time, with year-on-year growth for individuals aged 4+ (4.7m, +0.5m, 20%, +1 point), W<50PDM (27%), and 25-49 year-olds (25%, +1 point)

TF1 news bulletins are the most watched in France and Europe, with 38.9m individual viewers.

•              TF1’s lunchtime and evening news bulletins are riding high


  • January 2021 average: 5.9m viewers and 42% of individuals aged 4+
  •  Best share of individuals aged 4+ for the month of January since 2014
  • Strongest year-on-year growth of any 1pm bulletin among individuals aged 4+ (up to 1.7 points) and W<50PDM (up to 2.8 points)
  •  TF1 increased its huge lead over its main rival to 2.9m viewers (vs 2.6m in January 2020)

Successful debut for Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: in her first month she was watched by 43% of individuals aged 4+, the best figure for a January weekday lunchtime news bulletin among individuals aged 4+ since 2014. This was a marked year-on-year increase (individuals aged 4+ up 1.7 points and W<50PDM up 3.6 points), and the strongest growth for a 1pm news bulletin across all channels.



  • January 2021 average: 7m viewers and 27% of individuals aged 4+
  • The highest figure for January since 2015
  • Strongest year-on-year growth for an 8pm bulletin among individuals aged 4+, at 1.6 points
  • The largest lead over our main rival in January since 2015, of 1.2m viewers

•              Success for TF1’s French drama series

Must-see drama series La Promesse was a smash hit, recording up to 8.3m viewers and averaging 36% of W<50PDM, the highest figure for a series since Le Bazar de la Charité in December 2019.

The 5th season of SAM is scoring its best figures since 2016: peak of 5.4m, average 30% of W<50PDM.

The Ici Tout Commence phenomenon was confirmed, with a peak of 4.2m and an average 27% of W<50PDM for Clément Rémiens, Aurélie Pons, Elsa Lunghini and Vanessa Demouy.

Demain Nous Appartient remains at a high level: peak of 4.3m, average 20% of W<50PDM.

This is before this evening’s launch of Je te Promets with Camille Lou and Hugo Becker.


              Entertainment, a TF1 speciality:

  • After taking all 50 of the top 50 entertainment rankings in 2020, TF1 is building on that in 2021:
    Fine season for Ninja Warrior (peak of 4.1m, 29% of W<50PDM)
    Celebrity quiz show Le grand concours des animateurs had its best ratings among W<50PDM since September 2010 (4.0m, 32% of W<50PDM)
    Les 12 coups de midi: peak of 4.0m, average 34% of individuals aged 4+ / 24% of W<50PDM
    C’est Canteloup: peak of 7.0m, average 22% of individuals aged 4+ / 19% of W<50PDM


•              Access prime time at an all time high among key targets

  • Triple bill of Familles Nombreuses, Ici Tout Commence & Demain Nous Appartient at an all time high.
    Best January among W<50PDM since 2012 with 23% between 5.30pm and 8pm, and best January since 2015 among 25-49 year-olds with 19%
    Familles Nombreuses: peak of 2.2m, average 28% of W<50PDM
  • Not forgetting:
    All-new series Doc: peak of 5.2m, average 31% of W<50PDM: launching an Italian series on prime time TF1 was a gamble that paid off
    Exclusive Jean-Pierre Bacri tribute film Le sens de la fête: 7.2m, 42% of W<50PDM: best performance among individuals aged 4+ and W<50PDM in this time slot since December 2018


TMC : Best January ever among target audiences, clear leader in DTT
4.8% share of 25-49 year-olds (and W<50PDM)
+0.7pt year-on-year growth among 25-49 year-olds (and W<50PDM)

TMC posted 6 of the month’s top 10 audiences
Including the no.1, with over 2.2m for Quotidien

  • The Quotidien phenomenon continues: 3rd consecutive month at 2m+ viewers for Yann Barthès and his team
    Best month ever for target audience of 25-49 year-olds: 15% (3rd most watched channel nationally)
  • Martin Weill – Tous complotistes ?: biggest audience ever for this documentary strand (3rd most watched channel nationally among 25-49 year-olds)
    1.1m viewers, 11% share of 25-49 year-olds and 10% of ABC1s
  • Movie offering average over 1m viewers
    Standouts: Mechanic: Resurrection (peak of 1.4m) and Geostorm (peak of 1.3m)


LCI : Best January ever, 1.3% share of individuals aged 4+
Successful debut for Jean-Pierre Pernaut on LCI
Jean-Pierre & vous: 180,000 viewers, average 1.4% share of individuals aged 4+
Second most watched news channel, and strongest growth of any news channel in this time slot versus Sept-Dec 2020 (+0.6 pt) and year-on-year (+0.5 pt), peak of 233,000 on 16 January

Big audiences again for major news events
Wednesday 6 January evening special on the invasion of the Capitol by pro-Trump demonstrators: LCI the second most watched news channel from 9pm to 11pm, audience peak of 460,000 at 10.59pm

Wednesday 20 January: investiture of Joe Biden: LCI the second most watched news channel in the time slot for the ceremony (5.20pm-7pm), average 864,000 viewers (6%) and peak of 1.1m at 6.07pm


TFX : Best month this season among W<50PDM, 3.4% share

  • World Men’s Handball Championship: best audience for TFX at 1.2m, most-watched DTT channel.
    France vs. Hungary quarter-final: best-ever share of 25-49 year-olds (8%) for sport on TFX
  •  Movies: peak of 1.0m viewers for Man of Steel, and 0.8m for PACIFIC RIM
  •  Successful return for exclusive reality TV shows Tattoo Cover and Cleaners and for the channel’s celebrity reality shows: JLC Family and the return of Mamans & Celèbres
    TATTOO COVER and CLEANERS took 4%+ share of W<50PDM
    All-new JLC Family episodes: most-watched on DTT (12% of W<50PDM); Mamans & Celèbres 7% of W<50PDM.


TF1 SERIES FILMS : 5 of the month’s top 10 HD DTT audiences
Peaking at over 0.8m for the return on Munch

  •  Success for MOVIES in the new Friday-evening slot
    RRRRRRR: most watched on DTT, 6% of W<50PDM (and 0.6m)
  • American series outperforming with target audiences in evening schedules
    NY Section Criminelle (Law and Order: Criminal Intent) and Les Experts Manhattan (CSI: New York):
    3% share of W<50PDM


[1] Women aged under 50 purchasing decision makers