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  • Fastest-growing French broadcaster among W<50PDM[1] and 25-49 year-olds
    +1.9pts W<50PDM / +0.9pt 25-49 year-olds, audience share 34.4% & 31.7% respectively
  • Best month among 25-49 year-olds since June 2014
    And best month of 2021 to date among W<50PDM
  • Clear leader with target audiences
  • Widening gap over closest rival on W<50PDM (+11.8pts) and 25-49 year-olds (+10.6pts)
    2nd best month ever for TMC on its key target (25-49 year-olds), 5.3% share 


  • TF1 posted all of the month’s top 10 audience ratings
    Including the no.1: 12.4 million for an episode of HPI
  • Best month of 2021 to date among W<50PDM and 25-49 year-olds
    Audience shares of 23.3% and 21.3% respectively
  • Strong year-on-year growth across key targets
    +0.4pt / +1.6pts / +0.7pt
  • Widening gap over closest rival amongst W<50PDM
    +8.5pts (vs +7.3pts in 2020) 

Stellar French drama on TF1:
HPI makes history

The sensational new series starring Audrey Fleurot attracted a peak audience of 12.4 million and an average audience of 11.5 million, representing 45% of all viewers (individuals aged 4+) and a 52% share of W<50PDM.

This makes HPI the third most-watched series in French TV history since modern audience metrics were introduced in 1989, and the best performer since Dolmen (starring Ingrid Chauvin) averaged 12 million viewers back in 2005.

Ingrid Chauvin is still pulling in big audiences in Demain Nous Appartient alongside Alexandre Brasseur and Julie Debazac. The soap – soon to celebrate its 4th anniversary – enjoyed its second-best month of 2021 to date with 18% of individuals aged 4+, 21% of W<50PDM, and a peak audience of 3.8 million.

Ici Tout Commence – the runaway success continues
Starring Clément Rémiens, Mikael Mittelstadt, Elsa Lunghini and Vanessa Demouy, the series continues to rack up impressive figures, posting its second-best month among individuals aged 4+ (22% share) and its best among W<50PDM (30%), with a peak audience of 3.8 million.

Another success: the launch of PLAN B with Julie De Bona, peak of 5.6 million viewers and 30% average share of W<50PDM.

Coming soon: Audrey Fleurot (HPI), Julie De Bona (Plan B) and Mikael Mittelstadt (Ici Tout Commence) are now shooting the prestigious new mini-series Les combattantes, scheduled for 2022, alongside Camille Lou and Sofia Essaïdi.

The triple-header of Familles nombreuses, Ici Tout Commence and Demain nous Appartient set new records for TF1 in access prime time, with the best May since 2012
23% share of W<50PDM, and 19% of 25-49 year-olds (best since 2014) in the 5.30pm-8pm slot

Flagship entertainment shows at all-time highs as they approach landmark anniversaries
Friday night fever shows no signs of abating as KOH-LANTA – due to celebrate its 20th anniversary this autumn – continues to attract audiences of up to 6.5 million and an average 42% of W<50PDM.

THE VOICE is enjoying its best ratings since 2017. The show, soon to mark its 10th anniversary with a special All Stars version, has seen sharp growth this season: 5.7 million peak for the final, average 31% share of W<50PDM in May (best full season among W<50PDM and 25-49 year-olds since 2017).

Kids TV at high levels too
had its second-best month ever among 4-10 year-olds, with a 37% share.
Cartoons continue to pull in huge audiences in the kids’ slot: the new adventures of the Smurfs (LES SCHTROUMPFS) averaged 55% among 4-10 year-olds, the best performance for this age group in the 8.15am–8.45am slot since 2007.

Other highlights:
2nd best month among individuals aged 4+ this season – 35% share, peak of 3.7 million

C’EST CANTELOUP: best month among individuals aged 4+ so far this year – 22% share, peak of 7.0 million

TF1 news – still France’s most-watched bulletins
In May, an average of 36.9 million French people tuned into the TF1 news each week.

The 8pm bulletin is still well ahead of the pack with 5.9 million viewers (0.9 million more than France 2) and a 26% share of individuals aged 4+, while the 1pm bulletin attracted 5.0 million viewers (2.3 million more than France 2) and a 40% share of individuals aged 4+.

The best weekday audience for the 8pm news was on 18 May (7.0 million viewers, 29% of individuals aged 4+) for the announcement of the France squad for the Euro 2021 football tournament.

SEPT à HUIT: 3.0 million viewers, 20% average audience share in May 2021
Best May viewing figures since 2016, and best May audience share since 2018.


2nd-best month ever among 25-49 year-olds, with 5.3% audience share

4th most-watched channel nationally among 25-49 year-olds for 9th consecutive month

Strongest year-on-year growth of any DTT channel (+0.8pt among 25-49 year-olds)

QUOTIDIEN sharply higher year-on-year, with a peak of 2.2 million viewers
Average 1.9 million viewers (15% share of 25-49 year-olds and ABC1s): +0.1 million and +2pts on target audiences year-on-year
The only daily talk show to attract more than 2 million viewers

Most popular movie offering on DTT: over 1 million viewers on average
TAXI saga:
1.3m viewers (9% of 25-49 year-olds)  
DTT premiere of THE MEG (EN EAUX TROUBLES): 1.1 million viewers (8% of 25-49 year-olds)

MARTIN WEILL’s landmark documentary on reality TV posted high ratings
Second-best ever viewing figures for the show: 1.0 million, 10% share of 25-49 year-olds

Best month of the season to date for LES MYSTERES DE L’AMOUR
7% of W<50PDM, most-watched DTT channel and 4th most-watched channel nationally


LCI audience share steady at 1.1%

Standout performance from the LA GRANDE CONFRONTATION security special on Monday 10 May with 298,000 viewers (1.4%), and still France’s most-watched news channel

Further strong performances in access prime time:
at a healthy 1.9% audience share over the month, 2nd best monthly share this season

Best month this season for weekend access prime time shows
hosted by Amélie Carrouër on Saturdays: 1.7%

LENGLET DECHIFFRE at 5 pm on Sundays (1.2%) and EN TOUTE FRANCHISE at 6pm on Sundays (1.7%) – both shows rank LCI 2nd among news channels on average in this slot.


Best May for 5 years among the core target of W<50PDM
3rd most-watched DTT channel among W<50PDM, with a 3.5% share

Over 1 million viewers for the popular family movie offering

Most-watched DTT reality TV shows among W<50PDM: MAMANS & CELEBRES and LA VILLA DES CŒURS BRISES

7% share of W<50PDM


Special theme weeks proving a success with up to 1.0 million viewers

Two particularly strong themed weeks this month: “War” and “Mother’s Day”:
(1 million) and FURY (0.8 million)


[1] Women under 50 purchasing decision makers