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  • 27.8% individuals aged 4+ (+0.4pt)
  • 34.9% W<50PDM* (+0.8pt)
  • 31.6% 25-49 year-olds (+0.8pt)


Best month in 2020 to date

TF1 group very clear leader among target audiences, with strong growth

Best month among W<50PDM since August 2007, at 34.9%

Best month among 25-49 year-olds since June 2014, at 31.6%


- TF1: best month among W<50PDM since October 2018, at 23.6%

- TMC: second-best month ever among 25-49 year-olds, at 5.1%

- LCI: best November ever with 1.2% share of individuals aged 4+ (+0.4pt vs November 2019)

- TF1 Séries Films: undisputed HD DTT leader among W<50PDM for third consecutive month, at 2.7%

* Women aged under 50 purchasing decision makers



  • Best month among W<50PDM since October 2018, at 23.6%
  • Successful makeover for access prime time
  • Very high ratings for TF1 news
  • Across-the-board success for TF1 entertainment shows
  • Strong year-on-year growth among target audiences:
  • +0.9pt W<50PDM, +1pt 25-49 year-olds

Best month among individuals aged 4+ since June 2019 (20.1%), best month since July 2018 among 25-49 year-olds (21.3%)

- TF1 posted 7 of the top 10 audience ratings in the month, including the no.1

Peak of 11.3m viewers for the address by President Macron

27 Programmes with more than 7.0m viewers



Following the successful gamble three years ago of running a daily soap (DEMAIN NOUS APPARTIENT) in the 7.20pm slot, the makeover of TF1’s access prime time schedules has proved a success.

Best performance for more than a year in the 5.25pm – 8pm slot among individuals aged 4+, 17% share

Best performance since September 2014 in the 5.25pm – 8pm slot among W<50PDM, 22% share

Every day at 5.15pm, FAMILLES NOMBREUSES is outperforming. The show, produced by TF1 Production, averages 1.9m viewers and 27% of W<50PDM (peak: 32% of W<50PDM) / 31% of women aged 25-34

The highlight of November on TF1 was the runaway success of its new daily soap ICI TOUT COMMENCE, produced by Newen: 11 million people have tuned in since the launch. The show has generated around 7 points of extra audience share among individuals aged 4+, 13 points among W<50PDM, and 17 points among 15-24 year-olds, versus the performance in the slot at the start of the back-to-school period.

The figures speak for themselves:

  •              Average 4.1m Week 1 viewers: 21% individuals aged 4+ / 27% W>50PDM / 33% 15-24 year-olds
  •              Peak viewing figures: 4.4m
  •              Peak share of individuals aged 4+: 22%
  •              Peak share of W>50PDM: 29%
  •              Share of 15-24 year-olds: 43%

The show has helped TF1 record its best month in this time slot since:

  •              2009 (by number of viewers)
  •              2014 (by share of individuals aged 4+, W<50PDM and 15-24 year-olds)

And in the 7.20pm slot, DEMAIN NOUS APPARTIENT averaged 4.0m viewers (peak: 4.3m) and is the most-watched show among W<50PDM at 19%

TF1 news still sets the standard, and continues to widen the lead over its nearest rival


  • November 2020 averages: 7.3m viewers, 27% share of individuals aged 4+
  • Strongest year-on-year growth of any 8pm bulletin (+1.4 pt share of individuals aged 4+)
  • Lead of 1.1m viewers over main rival, widened over the last 12 months (vs. 0.8m Nov 19, 1.0m 2020 YTD)
  • TF1 took 19 of the top 20 audiences for an 8pm bulletin in November
  • Peak of 10.1m viewers on Tuesday 24 November (rising to 11.3m for the address by President Macron)


  • November 2020 average: 6.5m viewers, 42% share of individuals aged 4+
  • Best November since 2013
  • Still well ahead of closest rival, with gap widened to 3.1m viewers (vs 2.6m in Nov 19, 2.8m in Oct 20)
  • Peak of 8.1m viewers on Sunday 15 November
  • All of TF1’s 1pm bulletins attracted bigger audiences than its rivals

SEPT A HUIT had its best month since November 2015 with 4.8m viewers (November 2020 average) and highest monthly audience share since February 2016 (23.1% of individuals aged 4+)
Peak of 5.3m viewers on Sunday 15 November, best audience since February 2015

Not to mention undisputed leadership in viewing figures for major news events:

  • Emmanuel Macron’s address on 24 November: 11.3m viewers
  • Jean Castex’s press conference on 12 November: 5.3m viewers

Prime time: strong performance among target audiences, with stand-out successes

  • Very high ratings for the return of BALTHAZAR: peak of 8.1m viewers, average 6.9m , 30% share of individuals aged 4+ and W<50PDM)
  • TF1 entertainment shows at their highest level:
  • KOH LANTA: average 40% of W<50PDM and 49% of 15-34 year-olds (peak of 6.3m viewers)
  • MASK SINGER: average 39% of W<50PDM and 43% of 15-34 year-olds (peak of 5.5m viewers)
  • Portugal-France Nations League football: 7.2m viewers, 27% individuals aged 4+, 44% men aged 15-49

Not to mention seasonal specials:
Christmas TV movies:
30% share of W<50PDM so far in November, best performance in this slot for 2 years (since November 2018).



  • A very long way ahead on target audiences
  • 2nd best month ever among 25-49 year-olds with 5.1%
  • QUOTIDIEN: average 2.1m viewers, 15% of 25-49 year-olds

TMC posted 8 of the month’s top 10 DTT audiences, including the top 6

QUOTIDIEN: best month ever with 2.1m viewers (+0.5m year-on-year)

Second best month ever by audience share: 8% individuals aged 4+ and 15% 25-49 year-olds

Movie offering: 1.1m viewers on average

Including the 7ème COMPAGNIE sagas (peak of 1.7m) and STAR WARS (peak of 1.3m)

Tribute documentary FLUCTUAT NEC MERGITUR: best audience for a documentary this season, 1.0m viewers and 8% share of 25-49 year-olds



  • Best November ever for LCI with 1.2% share of individuals aged 4+
  • (+0.4 pt vs November 2019)
  • 6.5 million people watch LCI every day

Consistently strong viewing figures for major news events:

•              13 hours of live coverage of US election night on 3/4 November (viewing figures up 81%, audience share up 0.9 pt at 2.0%, peak audience of 347,000 at 11.21pm). Best figures since December 2018 for the 7.30am - 10am slot on Wednesday 4 November (223,000 viewers, 4.7% of individuals aged 4+)

•              618,000 viewers for Olivier Véran’s press conference on 5 November (no. 2 news channel) – best press conference audience since back-to-school period

•              576,000 viewers for Jean Castex’s press conference on 12 November

LCI posted year-on-year growth across all its weekday and weekend time slots

•              EN TOUTE FRANCHISE hosted by Amélie Carrouer (348,000 viewers, 1.7% share). Most-watched news channel, viewing figures up 90% and share of individuals aged 4+ up 0.7 pt year-on-year

•              LE TOUR DE L’INFO hosted by Amélie Carrouer (308,000 viewers, 1.6% share in 6pm – 8pm slot): viewing figures up 93% and share of individuals aged 4+ up 0.6 pt year-on-year, still no.2 news channel

•              24H PUJADAS (360,000 viewers, 1.8% share in 6.15pm – 7.50pm slot): strongest year-on-year growth in a weekday slot (+72% viewing figures, +0.6 pt audience share). Peak of 449,000 viewers (2.2%) on 2 November, 2nd best ratings of the season.



Market leader in HD DTT for the third consecutive month among W<50PDM
Year-on-year growth confirmed: +0.1pt in share of W<50PDM