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Newen Studios, one of Europe’s leading audiovisual production and distribution companies, is extending and strengthening its strategic agreement with European producer and financier, Anton. The agreement supports Newen Studios’ audiovisual financing, co-production and distribution activities and will now extend to feature film.

Anton’s continued investment will provide Newen Studios with a global budget of €50 million (a 40% increase) to co-invest in the distribution rights of audiovisual and film projects. This  agreement will allow Newen Studios to expand even further to meet the growing demand for quality content.  Included in the upcoming slate of projects is the prestigious Kevin Macdonald documentary  about  high-fashion designer John Galliano.

Anton first partnered with Newen Studios in 2019 to co-invest in Newen’s distribution rights for the group’s productions, as well as for third party programs, across all genres (fiction, documentary, animation). This agreement allowed Newen Studios to strengthen its development strategy.

The extension of the agreement and futher investment reflects Anton’s confidence, as a recognized market leader, in Newen Studios’ continued strategy, as well as both companies recognition of the success of the productions previously developed under the original agreement  including:  

  • on Newen Studios productions such as The Opera or Crossroads (already produced) or Legacy and Lost Luggage (in production)
  • on programs distributed by Newen Connect such as DNA, The Promise, Imago, Dough, White Sands, Christian, Everything will change, Visions or Ammo.

For Romain Bessi, Managing Director of Newen Studios: ”The extension of the agreement with Anton testifies to the successful dynamic achieved by Newen Studios. Numerous projects have been co-financed with Anton over the past two years. With this new partnership, our scope will now include cinema, a genre that the group has been supporting even more since the integration of TF1 Studio”

For Sébastien Raybaud, Anton’s Founder and CEO: ”Newen Studios leads the way in global content. The continuation of our partnership with them affirms our belief in their vision, creativity and commercial prowess.