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  • TF1: continuing growth since the start of the year: 22.6% of W<50PDM to date (+0.3pt month-on-month), 20% of 25-49 year-olds (+0.2pt month-on-month)
  • LCI: once again close to best-ever levels with 1.7% audience share, and strongest audience growth of any news channel (+36%)
  • TMC: record April among targets: 5.2% of 25-49 year-olds (+0.6pt year-on-year) and 5.0% of ABC1s (+0.7pt year-on-year)
  • TFX: no.2 general-interest DTT channel among female audiences since start of the year with 3.4% share of W<50PDM
  • TF1 Séries Films: still at high level with female audiences (2.5% of W<50PDM)

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: the group made a huge contribution to the democratic debate with shows that attracted mass audiences

TF1: the month’s three biggest audiences were for the run-off debate (7.5m viewers, 32.3% audience share) and election night coverage during the first round (7.3m viewers, 28.6% share) and the second round (7.2m viewers, 28.2% share). The TF1 group confirmed its market-leading position, with audience ratings for the first- and second-round election night coverage the best since 2007.

Some of the top audience figures were for 3 episodes of the specially created new-format show Mes 100 premiers jours, which drew up to 5.9m viewers for the two finalists.

The one-off profiles of Marine le Pen and Emmanuel Macron in Sept à Huit pulled in 2.9m viewers, and scored a year-best female audience share of 25%.

LCI: no.2 news channel for the key election shows in April, doubling its 2017 presidential election audience figures, with 490,000 viewers (2.3% audience share) and 434,000 (2.2%) for the 1st- and 2nd-round election night coverage respectively.
Several other LCI shows achieved record figures: Brunet et Cie (no.2 news channel, 1.8% share), 24H Pujadas (2.6%), 22H Darius Rochebin (1.3%), Le Club Le Chatelier (2%). The Les Matins LCI breakfast show grew audiences by 3.4%.

Quotidien on TMC also had an excellent April driven by the presidential election: up to 2.3m viewers, averaging 1.8m, and its second best-ever month among 25-49 year-olds (17% share).



Drama in great shape

  • Balthazar: 6.5m in April for the show’s final season, including 900,000 in catch-up and 27% of W<50PDM
  • Ils s’aiment enfin presque: 5.5m viewers and 28% of W<50PDM
  • Season finale of Section de Recherches: 6m viewers and 27% of individuals aged 4+
  • Very good dynamic on the daily soaps: up to 3m viewers for Ici tout commence (up to 32% of W<50PDM and 38% of 15-24 year-olds). Up to 3m viewers for Demain nous appartient (up to 21% of W<50PDM and 26% of 15-24 year-olds).

Market leading audience figures for news bulletins

  • 8pm: up to 6.0m viewers – best April since 2014 excluding lockdown
  • 1pm: up to 5.5m viewers
  • Grands Reportages documentaries: up to 3.4m viewers and 33% of W<50PDM

Attractive entertainment shows for younger female viewers

  • Koh Lanta: up to 4.9m viewers and 37% of W<50PDM on average
  • Mask Singer: up to 4.2m viewers and 38% of W<50PDM on average
  • The Voice: up to 4.3m viewers and 29% of W<50PDM on average

Family movies: success of international franchises

  • Les animaux fantastiques (Fantastic Beasts): 4m viewers and 34% of W<50PDM
  • Avengers: Infinity War: 3.7m viewers and 30% of W<50PDM

TMC  : Prime time success for documentaries, movies and live shows

  • Documentaries: Canap’89 had 1.5m viewers (13% of 25-49 year-olds), and Martin Weill’s special on the war in Ukraine 900,000 (9% of 25-49 year-olds)
  • Movies: 1.5m viewers for Les Tuche 4 (a record for a movie on DTT in 2022 to date)
  • Live shows: 1m for Jérôme Commandeur (11% of 25-49 year-olds) and 500,000 for the Vianney concert


  • Growth for the movie offering and access prime time shows
  • Movies: up to 900,000 viewers for Speed (the month’s largest audience), and a record female audience for Dirty Dancing (10% of W<50PDM)
  • Access prime time: Mamans et célèbres, market leader on DTT and 9% of W<50PDM; La Villa des cœurs brisés 5% of W<50PDM



  • Movies: up to 700,000 viewers for Rush Hour
  • American series: up to 600,000 viewers for NY Section criminelle (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)
  • French drama: up to 600,000 viewers for Camping Paradis.