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TF1 MediaLab has chosen six start-ups to join the new season of the TF1 accelerator program in September. Selected for their innovative solutions, each will be sponsored by one of the TF1 group’s businesses (TF1, Unify, Newen). They will work within the ecosystem of Station F, the world’s biggest start-up campus.

This new season – the seventh since the program first launched at Station F in January 2018 – reflects the TF1 group’s commitment to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our Innovation Unit has been working with TF1 MediaLab to develop a win/win accelerator model that has so far supported more than 30 start-ups. Some of them – such as Manadge and Kinetix from season 6 of the program – have already had the opportunity to extend their collaboration with the TF1 group as business partners.
With the help of their sponsor, the six new start-ups will be embedded within the TF1 group over the next six months, enabling them to experiment and scale up their solutions in fields ranging from AI and data to e-commerce and the user experience.

ADN.AI has developed technology that can be used to broadcast smart ads that consumers can interact with verbally.
Its proprietary “Talk-in” solution embeds a chat module in an ad format that is suitable for all media (online and TV).

Sponsor: TF1 PUB
Objectives of the collaboration: Thanks to ADN.AI, TF1 PUB will be able to offer advertisers interactive spoken or written chat experiences as part of their TV or online campaigns. For example, on MYTF1 users will be able to start a chat with the brand directly from an ad they are watching. This innovation will mean the TF1 group can take audience interactivity to the next level for its advertisers, thanks to personalised real-time dialogue that can strengthen user engagement while keeping the viewer firmly within the TF1 group’s TV and online environment.

Affilizz has developed a streamlined affiliate program solution for advertisers and broadcasters.
The start-up centralises and standardises data from affiliate programs that broadcasters have signed up to on their platforms. The aim: an ultra-streamlined package for monetising content, monitoring performance, and handling billings.

Sponsor: Unify
bjectives of the collaboration: Affilizz, a longstanding partner of the “Les Numériques” online buying guide, will help Unify’s media brands consolidate and adapt their affiliate marketing strategy. For example, the collaboration will give creatives at Studio FY (Unify’s influence marketing agency) streamlined access to affiliate marketing programs. Publication, analysis and recommendation tools will be provided to 170 influencers so that they can build affiliate revenues across their networks.

AMARA TV offers an in-house artificial intelligence solution for anonymising and moderating video content.
The solution works by configuring a visual recognition model that draws on deep learning techniques to autonomously and automatically identify certain features in a video.
Sponsor: TF1 Production
Objectives of the collaboration: AMARA TV’s solution means TF1 Production will be able to anonymise identities automatically in its output, generating considerable time savings in content production.

Osmoz-it offers a solution for tracking the use of audiovisual works. The start-up uses metadata management to track the use of content across different media outlets and territories
. The algorithm developed by Osmoz-it generates a usage report, enabling copyright-holders to keep track of every time their content is broadcast, especially in international markets.

Sponsor: Newen
Objectives of the collaboration: The tie-up between Osmoz-it and Newen aims to deliver an audit trail for every occasion on which content from the Newen catalogue is broadcast (date, time, media outlet). This helps to measure performances, and to explore new sales territories. The solution will enable Newen to measure usage of its catalogue rights, and to analyse sales in France and worldwide.

VOKSE helps organisations optimise their use of data by offering a cloud-based solution that maps, labels and automatically measures data quality. Branded as “Knowmaster", this data project acceleration tool digitalises and streamlines data management

Sponsor: TF1 group Data Department
Objectives of the collaboration: The TF1 group’s DATA Department and VOKSE are working together on data management and quality, with VOKSE contributing a solution to structure, automate and analyse the processing of data. Drawing on automated intelligence, VOKSE’s solution will enhance MYTF1’s recommendation power and leverage monetisation of the platform’s extensive content catalogue, while ensuring GDPR compliance.

VoxM has developed an SaaS solution to increase audience engagement by facilitating user interaction (voice, video, written) across all of a broadcaster’s online media (including websites and apps)
. Users are given a QR code so that they can interact with content (such as an opinion survey) in real time. The broadcaster can then access the data via the “Interaction Manager” platform.

Sponsors: & TF1 news team
Objectives of the collaboration: and the TF1 news team are keen to roll out VoxM’s solution so that they can offer audiences a new way to interact with news content. Audiences will be able to use it to interact via a range of spoken or written word media, especially for the “20H vous répond” slot in the regular evening news bulletins, in which viewers can ask questions about what’s in the news.

Feedback on season 6 of the accelerator program
Season 6 of the program ended in July 2021 for five start-ups: Kinetix, Manadge, Qameleon, Nothing2install and Audiomeans. After the six-month program at Station F, three of those start-ups signed a contract with the TF1 group.
Kinetix, sponsored by the TF1 news team, made great strides with its technology, which can transform any video into a 3D model. The AI/deep learning algorithm that powers the extraction of 3D models from the source video underwent intensive training, thanks to data generated from motion capture. In May 2021, Kinetix was used for a real-life broadcast on the TF1 evening news bulletin. The TF1 group is now looking to tackle new challenges alongside Kinetix, including production of a news story based solely on virtual images.
Manadge, sponsored by TF1 PUB, is a suite of specialist programmatic ad management tools. The start-up is developing a solution for ad sales houses, publishers and media agencies that simplifies the commercial tracking and data analysis of advertising activities.
On completion of the program, Manadge signed a commercial contract with TF1 PUB to supply the Manadge solution to around 15 TF1 PUB salespeople, and to TF1 PUB’s digital teams.