Claude BERDA

Born February 3, 1947 – French citizenship

Director of TF1 since February 17, 2010

Most recent renewal: April 16, 2015, expiring 2016
Holds 100 shares in TF1
Business address: 132, avenue du Président Wilson – 93210 La Plaine Saint Denis

Claude Berda founded the independent record label AB Productions in 1977. In 1987 he decided to diversify into audiovisual production. His group quickly became market leader and added a new business: the distribution of TV programme rights. In 1996 Claude Berda floated Groupe AB on the New York Stock Exchange to finance growth in the new market for satellite-borne digital TV in France. He then positioned the Group to benefit from the creation of freeview Digital Terrestrial Television by founding NT1 in 2002 and acquiring TMC, alongside TF1, in 2005. In parallel, Claude Berda diversified his wealth management business, moving into real estate.
In 2007 he sold 33.5% of Groupe AB to TF1. In 2010 he finalised an agreement for the sale of NT1 and TMC to TF1, thus refocusing Groupe AB on its catalogue and pay-TV channels.

Appointments held outside the TF1 group

In France: Chairman and non-Executive Director of Groupe AB; Manager of Port Noir Investment; Chairman and CEO of RTL 9; Director of WB Télévision and BTV

Other appointments held within the last five years

2010 – Chairman of Monte-Carlo Participation (MCP); Executive Vice President and Director of Télé Monte-Carlo (TMC); Chairman and non-Executive Director of Holding Omega Participations – HOP (formerly Groupe AB)