Our engagment Responsable Purchasing

Our engagment Responsable Purchasing

Bouygues group’s purchasing CSR principles.

The TF1 group Purchasing Department, a key player in the CSR strategy, has since 2008 complied with the Bouygues group’s CSR principles.

Link with the Bouygues CSR Charter for suppliers and subcontractors


TF1's own purchasing and CSR policy 

By leading a Purchasing and CSR policy, TF1 is working to respect its commitments on economic and social development and the limitation of its social and environmental impacts. 

The policy applies to all purchasing excluding rights and aims to include all the company’s suppliers and direct stakeholders in a policy of corporate social responsibility.

Purchasing is a central issue in sustainable development in terms of the management of costs, overall performance and risk control. The Purchasing Department’s objective is underpinned by the four policies below:

  • Act as a responsible customer,
  • Contribute to the Group’s operational performance,
  • Build mutually beneficial long-term relations with suppliers,
  • Support the Group’s transformation plan.

The Purchasing and CSR policy is a true continuous improvement approach reflected in each stage of the purchasing process and involving all buyers. 

For more information, please consult the Purchasing and CSR policy 



TF1 is building sustainable, balanced relationships with its suppliers. As part of this process, TF1 is committed to do everything to maintain responsible supplier relations that comply with the Group’s ethical standards and best practice.

In case of dispute with one of its suppliers, TF1 offers freely a mediation scheme to solve conflict situations amicably as soon as they arise to preserve trust in business relationship between TF1 and the group's partners. 

This mediation scheme is seizable on a volontary basis and is non-binding for the supplier. It will be moderated by an internal ombudsman. 

The Internal Ombudsman creates a neutral framework for relationship, to allow different points of vue to be expressed.  

The Internal Ombudsman is himself neutral and impartial, he must facilitate the dialogue between the different actors involved, he must not impose its own solutions. 

The Internal Ombudsman is the guarantor of good relations betwwen TF1 and it's suppliers. 

To deliver on this commitment and guarantee its independence, Arnaud Bosom, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and CSR, has agreed to take on the role of Internal Ombudsman for Responsible Purchasing. He will seek to resolve any potential dispute referred to him in the mutual interests of the parties involved, while taking active steps to understand the supplier’s situation.

Arnaud Bosom is a member of the TF1 Group Executive Committee, and as such is responsible for ensuring that the Group fulfils its obligations in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Opportunity to seize the Internal Ombudsman for Responsible Purchasing will occur as soon as a supplier has experienced difficulties in its commercial relations with TF1, that have remained unsolved within the relationship with the Purchasing Department.

The Internal Ombudsman for Responsible Purchasing can be contacted at his direct e-mail address: mediateur@tf1.fr