Carole Aumand

Head of TV and radio programming at our airtime sales house TF1 PUB




How do you support charities ?

TF1 PUB offers charities ad slots free of charge. Every week TF1 PUB supports an average of 2 or 3 charities, providing space worth between €50,000 and €100,000. This is content broadcast outside the standard commercial breaks, either before the opening ad jingle or after the closing ad jingle. It provides very good exposure. There are also special extended campaigns, such as for women’s aid group Fondation des femmes and medical research charity Fondation pour la recherche médicale (particularly involved in funding research into Alzheimers), which are supported simultaneously by our broadcasting and ad sales teams.

How do you select charities ?

At TF1 PUB we mainly receive requests for support through SNPTV, the French trade body for TV advertising. Our team members managing those requests try to respond positively as often as they can. 

Through the TF1 group CSR Committee (led by our head of CSR Christelle Leroy, alongside representatives from our Broadcasting division, TF1 PUB, Corporate Communications and Programme Compliance) we can share our decisions on which charities to support, and ensure that our charitable efforts are better co-ordinated and more effective. We tend to favour charities working within the Group’s CSR priorities, around solidarity, ecology, and so on. And fundraisers are preferred to brand profile campaigns.

Before supporting a cause, we not only check that the charity is legitimate and what its field of action is (not too local, not too international), but also that it is able to provide us with a good-quality film. However if there isn’t enough advertising space available to offer a free slot, we offer to support the charity with a broadcast on IPTV (MyTF1). 

Are certain charities regularly supported by TF1 PUB ?

Among the charities that TF1 PUB supports every year the main ones are involved in mutual aid, such as Handicap International and Fondation Abbé Pierre; inclusion, such as Toutes à l’école; or cancer research, like Ruban rose.

We often receive thanks from charities after their spot has been broadcast, because it always attracts donations and is highly effective: strong evidence of the power and visibility of our advertising space.

Television gives charities the exposure they need to reach hearts and minds.