"In a video environment characterised by rapid change in habits, we are a market leader, with:

A high-tech mission driven by our digital acceleration strategy and strong ambitions in free streaming.

A cultural mission to bring our nation together through shared experiences and emotions.

An editorial mission based on must-see family viewing, event TV and serial franchises.

With an enduring aim to grow our unique relationship with the French people.”

Rodolphe Belmer, Chairman and CEO

Our ambition


Since the creation of the core channel “La Une” nearly half a century ago, TF1’s unique place in the daily lives of French men and women has been undisputed: when people want to understand what’s going on in the news or are looking for entertainment, they turn to our channels first.

Now we are expanding our digital footprint, with a clear ambition: to establish ourselves as the go-to free-to-air destination for news and family entertainment by developing France's leading free streaming platform.

Our approach

To put content at the heart of everything

At TF1, content is all. That’s obvious for news, but it also applies to entertainment. Our audiovisual and digital studios, our teams of journalists and our music labels give us first-rate creation, innovation and production capability. This wealth of viewpoints, artistic perspectives and technical expertise makes the TF1 Group a partner of choice for the greatest talents, and puts us at the heart of the French and European audiovisual creation ecosystem.

To bring unique moment alive

We give people a different experience. We want to bring alive unique moments around our content which enrich people’s daily lives and which they remember for a long time. That’s the power of the live experience: being able to bring together thousands of people in a concert arena, and millions in front of their screens. It’s also the power of digital and technology, which can now offer a personalised video experience that plays to everyone’s needs, desires and centres of interest.

To know and serve our audiences better

The TF1 Group has been part of French people’s everyday lives for nearly 50 years. Together we have lived through the same major events, shared the same emotions. To say that we know each other is an understatement! To continue knowing and serving our audiences better, we are constantly listening, exchanging ideas, testing. At TF1, daring creativity and technological innovation have the same aim: to reinvent every day the relationship that unites us.

To create economic value but also a better society

Offering better content and constantly improving the experience around it requires investment. This is made possible by our advertising revenues, but also by our ability to innovate in order to create value around our content, our talents and our brands. For us, this ability to create value must be shared, not only with businesses at every level – who can rely on our connection with our audiences – but also with all the charities and causes that we support.


2,508 million euros of revenue in 2022
2,508 million euros of revenue in 2022
No.1 media company in the general classification of France’s most responsible companies (Le Point)
No.1 media company in the general classification of France’s most responsible companies (Le Point)
4000 hours of content produced by Newen Studios in 2022
4000 hours of content produced by Newen Studios in 2022
2,810 employees in 9 countries in 2022
2,810 employees in 9 countries in 2022

Our Mission

To stand the test of time, media groups need a strong editorial and cultural focus, which anchors their relevance and value for the public. In an often divided society, we play a major societal role. 
We enable people to share experiences and strong emotions through a programme line-up that encourages everyone to come together.
We nurture French popular culture, with heroes, values and stories that become embedded in our everyday lives. 
We foster democratic debate, with rigorous, trusted and respectful news coverage that unites our nation and benefits society.