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Boulogne, 8 March 2019




Gender equality lies at the heart of our concerns and challenges: every day we proclaim our values and strive to be an exemplar in the fight against discrimination.

As a leading media group reaching 30 million people a day in France, we have a dual responsibility: to be both a witness and a leader on this essential issue. In light of this role, we have made ourselves a force for change, taking up strong positions in our day-to-day activities:

  • internally, via an engaged HR and communication policy; and
  • on our channels, through our programmes and the faces that front them.

Internal policy promoting gender equality

The following practical initiatives demonstrate our determination to make a difference, and our engagement in the challenge of creating a fairer and more just society:

  • The Fifty Fifty network, whose mission is to raise awareness and collective consciousness on the key issue of gender equality by providing information and leading discussions around this theme.
  • The Leadership au féminin course, taken by 75 women since 2012, designed to support women in developing their careers.
  • The cross-mentoring programme, which since its launch in 2015 has enabled 80 women to be mentored in their managerial development.
  • Signature of the Parenting Charter, which aims to promote a good work/life balance.

But above all, via a HR policy that defends gender equality when hiring staff and during their professional careers.

Practical initiatives leading to concrete results

Gender equality comes naturally in the TF1 group, where 56% of employees are female. Over the last few years we have had a policy of actively promoting women to managerial roles, and this is bearing fruit. 

So in 2018, the TF1 group:

  • joined the index of the world’s Top 20 companies for gender equality compiled by Equileap, ranking as no.1 media group and no.5 company in France; and
  • was ranked no.20 in the Ethics and Boards 2018 international rankings for the percentage of women in managerial positions in SBF 120 companies, retaining its place as no.1 media group.

Other results of our strong mobilisation on gender equality include:

  • a very encouraging score of 85/100 in the gender equality index introduced by the new French law on freedom of career choices;
  • more women serving on our managerial bodies: in 2019, 40% of our Management Committee (the top 160 managers) and 27% of our Executive Committee are women.

Fairer representation of women on our channels

Representation of women is also a key concern in our core business, television. So every day the News and Broadcasting divisions ensure that women are given due prominence in their programming output:

  • News: The TF1 and LCI channels make sure that female journalists are highly visible. For example, Anne-Claire Coudray and her stand-in Audrey Crespo Mara anchor TF1’s weekend news bulletins, which are the most watched in Europe. In addition, ensuring that female experts are properly represented on news programmes is vital: the TF1 group’s Expertes à la Une action plan has enabled over a hundred female experts to follow a media training course, and more than 120 editorial staff have attended training and awareness workshops on the subject.
  • Drama: The TF1 group has always been keen to give women their rightful place in drama by sharing stories of everyday personalities and heroines with extraordinary destinies. For example, the hard-hitting drama Jacqueline Sauvage reignited the debate about battered wives and had the best drama audience in 2018 (all channels combined).
  • Sport: As official broadcaster of the European Women’s Handball Competition in 2018 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup (7 June-7 July 2019), the TF1 group is playing a major role in raising the profile of women’s sport. Our support is championed by the mixed teams of presenters, and by journalists like Charlotte Namura and Marion Jollès Grosjean.

We are proud of our achievements in gender equality, and on International Women’s Day reaffirm our determination, via TF1 Initiatives, to be as ambitious as we can be in pursuing this goal.


About the TF1 group

We are the leading private-sector television broadcaster in France, with five free-to-air channels (TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films and LCI) and four pay-TV theme channels (TV Breizh, Histoire, Ushuaïa and Serieclub, the last of which is 50% owned). We are adding a highly effective digital dimension to our channels on MYTF1, and video-on-demand offers via MYTF1VOD and TFOU MAX.

We are also present in the production and distribution of content, mainly via Newen, through which we aim to accelerate international expansion of our production and distribution activities.

We have extended our digital footprint, in particular through the acquisition of the aufeminin group in April 2018. This led to the creation of a digital division built around well-known brands such as Marmiton, MyLittleParis and Doctissimo, all of which support strong, engaged communities. This has enhanced our offer and our ability to deploy federating, complementary special-interest themes to reach all audiences, especially women and millennials.

The TF1 group has created a large range of businesses in key entertainment fields, with TF1 Entertainment (board games, music and live show production, and licences), and the film industry with TF1 Films Production and TF1 Studio.

We currently have a presence in 10 countries and employ 3,135 people.

The TF1 group is quoted on the Paris stock exchange (Euronext Paris: ISIN FR0000054900).


About TF1 Initiatives

Why not bring about change? We are France’s leading media group. That gives us responsibilities, and also a big wish list: solidarity, diversity, a sustainable society. We have always tried to make a difference. With TF1 Initiatives, we work together to change things. Find out about and share the positive vibe around TF1 Initiatives using the hashtag #ONDESPOSITIVES or via the @TF1INITIATIVES Twitter feed.





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