With CONNECT, MYTF1 launches France's pionneering second-screen experience

With CONNECT, MYTF1 launches France's pionneering second-screen experience


With CONNECT, MYTF1 launches France's pionnering second-screen experience


MYTF1 is a pioneer in digital applications and the unchallenged leader in digital media in France, with 1.3 billion videos watched, a community of 15 million fans and social activity that generated 13 million tweets in 2012. With CONNECT, it is innovating yet again.

In a single glance on a single screen, TV viewers will be able to interact with their programmes like never before, in total synchronisation with the live broadcast.

CONNECT brings 4 major innovations:

- Instant Replay, a world first: For the first time, as they watch a programme, viewers will be able to select a video highlight - a spectacular goal, the tears of a contestant on The Voice, a performance on Danse avec les Stars, footage from the nightly news - and share it instantly on social networks. Instant replay is the ideal technology for social networks !

- Bonus vidéos: The first impressions of a pair of dancers after a live performance, an interview with a contestant eliminated from Secret Story... the audience will be able to view exclusive videos from a programme, in total synchronisation with the live broadcast on TF1.

- Participation in social chats: without leaving the screen and in a single click, users will be able to answer messages, follow and take part in chats with other viewers, hosts and celebrities who are live-tweeting a show.

- Interactive features and games:
1. Participate in ground-breaking events and react live to enrich and extend the news. Make live predictions about major sports events : the referee whistles a penalty. Will the player score, and where will the ball enter the net?

2. In The Voice, feel like a coach with "Le 5ème Coach": during the blind auditions and the battles, viewers will be able to buzz a contestant in total synchronisation with the show. Are the viewers good enough judges to guess which contestant will be selected? And which coach they will go with?

3. Launched on Saturday, 2 February, for the new season of The Voice, CONNECT will be extended to major entertainment, news and sports broadcasts, like the hotly awaited qualifying match between France and Spain for the 2014 FIFA World Cup on 26 March.

Régis Ravanas, Executive Vice President of TF1 Group in charge of Diversification and Chairman of eTF1, adds "With CONNECT, we are delighted to offer an unprecedented experience that offers even more interactivity with our audience and fulfils our ambition to activate and develop social connections around TF1 programmes. Innovative, immersive and intuitive, CONNECT is the first real second-screen experience in France and the fullest, highest-quality product on the market."

Usages is taking off massively:
- 76% of French viewers use a second screen while they watch a TV programme for interactivity, enrichment or to share their experience (source: CSA-NPA Conseil).
- 46% of second-screen users use social networks in front of the TV in the United States (Nielsen USA - data for France not available).
- The amount of time individuals spend watching TV is constantly increasing: it was 3 hours and 50 minutes in 2012, three minutes more than in 2011.

TF1 unchallenged leader and pioneer in new applications with the most successful programmes on French television:
- Record consumption with 1.3 billion videos in 2012 (up 41% on 2011) and 15 million hours per month spent watching the group's videos.
- 4.5 million MYTF1 apps have been downloaded (available on iOS and Android).
- TF1 has a community of more than 15 million fans across all networks.
- TF1 is No.1 with 13 million tweets posted in 2012 (Top 3: Secret Story, Danse avec les Stars and The Voice)
and three times the share of voice of its direct challenger.
- TF1 has a 38% share of voice on Twitter.
- At the Social Media Awards, TF1 won the prize for the best digital footprint for a TV station in 2012, and Nikos Aliagas won the digital celebrity of the year prize.

MYTF1 is inventing another way to watch TV with CONNECT

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Contacts presse : Gaëlle Bouvier

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