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The TF1 group, through its TF1 and LCI channels, is partnering the 2nd Annual Gender Parity Forum (“Assises de la Parité”). This year’s forum will take place on 6 May, with the theme “How can we put (back) gender parity at the heart of corporate strategy in a time of crisis?”.

The TF1 group is delighted to be one of the many companies supporting this event. Gender parity is one of our key concerns, both internally and in our broadcast output.

Mobilising to support the forum
Gilles Pélisson, the TF1 group’s Chairman & CEO, will join other media bosses in a round table session moderated by Nathalie Sonnac, on the theme “Media and Culture: mirrors of society?”. This will be an opportunity to share good practices adopted at TF1, and discuss how to achieve fair representation in what is still a male-dominated milieu.

We will also support the event on our airwaves over a 10-day period. LCI will carry free ads for the forum, alongside editorial content and a range of promotional measures to raise its profile.

Gender parity within the TF1 group: from project to reality
With a gender equality of index of 85/100, the TF1 group stands out for its commitment to creating an inclusive working environment. Our top management is now 45% female (versus less than 30% five years ago), testimony to our willingness to increase the representation of women on our executive bodies.

A strong commitment to promoting women on our channels
Our TV channels are important boosters of gender equality. Every day, our programme output – from drama and entertainment to news – seeks to represent society and value the role of women. Our “Expertes à la Une” campaign supports the idea of a society where women’s and men’s views carry equal weight – and where expertise is not about what gender you are, but about your experience and what you know.


Gilles Pélisson, Chairman & CEO of the TF1 group:  “Taking part in the Gender Equality Forum is an opportunity to demonstrate that we have taken this key issue on board, and to show how we intend to take it forward. I believe that gender parity is crucial to the success not just of companies, but of society itself.”

This 2nd annual forum, organised by Epoka and the International Women’s Forum (IWF), will be a 100% online event bringing together delegates from politics, the media and the corporate sector, alongside young people and academics.