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The TF1 group is ramping up its support for young people as never before. To help our young people through the crisis we have launched “Insight Week” (Semaine Découverte), designed to introduce school students to broadcasting and take them behind the scenes at a major media group.

Every year the TF1 group engages with 14-15 year-olds through the #MonStageChezTF1 work experience initiative. This year, because of the Covid crisis, the Talent Development Department has reinvented itself and is now organising a new initiative, to be held between 22 and 26 February, in the form of three 45-minute daily conferences.

The idea is to enable a number of young people who have been unable to do work experience in a company because of the Covid crisis to find out about the broadcasting professions and go behind the scenes at the TF1 group. This will be a unique opportunity to guide youngsters in making their career decisions and to give them a few keys to the door of their future professional life.

At the end of the week students will be invited to share feedback on their experiences, which will be assessed by a special panel. As soon as the health crisis permits, 15 of them will be invited to spend an entire “insight day” within the TF1 group. On the programme will be virtual visits to TV studios, and meetings with professionals to find out about their jobs and career paths.

Long-standing commitment to helping young people from deprived neighbourhoods

Through the TF1 Foundation, we have been working for more than 11 years to support youngsters from deprived neighbourhoods in making their career decisions and helping to give them an experience of the world of work. We believe that employing people with diverse backgrounds is a source of wealth for the company. So with the aim of opening the door of opportunity to all talents, the TF1 group is organising various initiatives to show solidarity, enabling youngsters to experience the broadcasting professions and giving them a leg-up in their careers.

In this, the TF1 group is partnering Tous en Stage, a non-profit that offers 14-15 year-olds from schools in priority neighbourhoods their first work experience, giving them the chance to discover many different careers and helping them find their way in life.


Although lockdown has totally disrupted the work experience programme, Fondation TF1 has turned this into an opportunity by creating a digital alternative. Youngsters can gain experience remotely by video link. With participants from all over the world, the initiative provides a meeting place for a large number of students and businesses.