TF1 - Audience Figures in January 2013

TF1 - Audience Figures in January 2013


TF1 JANUARY 2013 :

A record month for news
Record ratings for the launch of The Voice 2
Top-rated shows continue to shine
Highly successful new programmes

Record after record in access slot

With a 23.3% audience share in January, TF1 scored the biggest growth in television in a year, with a one-point increase in the 4 and over demographic. The rise was even bigger in prime time, where TF1 gained an additional 500,000 viewers (6.5 million on average) in a year, up 2.5 points for 4 and overs (25.2% audience share), up 2.4 points for WPDM-50 (30.3% audience share) and up 3.7 points for shoppers (30.6% audience share).

News confirmed its uptrend with a record month for the daily news shows
As during the previous fourmonths, the TF1 news gained more viewers.
-TF1 achieved the top two scores for a news programme: 9.7 million viewers for the 8 o'clock news and 8.3 million for the 1 o'clock news.
-The 8 o'clock news gained 600,000 viewers in a year (7.2 million viewers on average), putting it 2.1 million viewers ahead of its nearest rival.
-The 1 o'clock news gained 200,000 viewers in a year, 6.8 million viewers on average (44% audience share).
-The weather show: 9.9 million on 20 January, the highest since October 2012.
-Leading magazine programmes: up to 5.6 million viewers for Reportages and up to 5.4 million viewers for 7 à 8.

Record launch for The Voice 2 and top-rated shows continue to shine
TF1's favourite stars and brands, for viewers, confirmed their ratings, led by a record score for the launch of The Voice with 9.3 million viewers, 200,000 more than the first season.

-Entertainment: success again for Après le 20h c'est Canteloup (up to 8.8 million viewers), Koh Lanta (up to 7.6 million viewers), and 6.6 million viewers for the NRJ Music Awards.
-French sitcoms: success for Camping Paradis (up to 6 million viewers) and R.I.S. (up to 6 million viewers).
-Sunday-night movies: The Day After Tomorrow attracted 7.3 million viewers.
-US series: the final season of Dr House drew up to 8.5 million viewers.

Highly successful new programmes
The policy of new programmes is paying off, with success that boosts the whole

-Unforgettable: up to 9 million viewers for the new American prime-time series.
-Samedi soir on chante Goldman: 6.9 million viewers for Estelle Denis's first show on TF1.
-24h aux urgences: up to 2.1 million viewers, in second position on Tuesdays (25% audience share, 37% of WPDM-50).
-En musique tout est permis: 2.9 million viewers (25% audience share, 35% of WPDM-50 and 51% of the 15-24 age group) and in second position on Fridays with Arthur's new spin-off Vendredi tout est permis.
-Coup de foudre au prochain village: up to 2 million viewers at 5.25 pm for this docu-reality showpresented by Julie Taton, one of the new female faces on TF1.

New rating records for access shows
Game shows, short-form sitcoms and magazines in access time are increasing their audience and scoring record after record.
-Les 12 Coups de Midi: 4.8 million on 3 February, the best rating since September 2011.
-Le juste prix: 5.4 million on 14 January, the best rating since December 2011.
-Nos chers voisins: 6 million viewers on 17 January, the highest rating since it was moved to the 7.50 pm slot.
-50 min Inside: 4.8 million on 5 January, the highest rating since October 2009.
-100th episode of Tous Ensemble: 3.9 million on 5 January, a

* Source: Médiamétrie - Mediamat. Consolidated data to 26/01. Monitoring data from 27/01 to 03/02. Prime time: 8.45 pm to 10.45 pm. WPDM-50: Women purchasing decision makers aged under 50. Shoppers: Working-age population with children aged under 25.

Press contacts : Virginie Duval - Maylis Carçabal