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The TF1 group will be partnering with the pioneering survey institute and market-leading opinion pollster IFOP (with its partner Fiducial), who will support TF1 through the upcoming elections in France by providing exclusive content, in the form of robust indicators of opinion in the run-up to these crucial ballots. 


Real-time opinion tracking

For each round of elections, the TF1 group and IFOP-Fiducial will work together to deploy innovative and comprehensive polling methodologies, which will shed light on electoral history as it is being written in the run-up to polling day.


2021 regional elections

Opinion polls will be conducted to establish voting intentions in most French regions. On election nights (20 and 27 June), the TF1 group will carry projections of results, both nationwide and in the key regions (Ile-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine).


2022 presidential election

The polling strategy will be rolled out from the pre-campaign stage, with surveys of voting intentions and the return of the benchmark IFOP-Fiducial-Paris Match Rolling opinion poll methodology. This will be like watching a real-time movie of the election: survey results will be updated daily right through to election night, when they will be used to project nationwide results.


2022 legislative elections

The same methodology will be applied, with voting intention surveys carried out in the pre-campaign phase and projections at nationwide level, followed by election night projections in a number of constituencies.


In-depth analysis on TF1 group channels

To guide viewers through these key elections, TF1 group channels will feature opinion poll analysis by experts from IFOP, led by Frédéric Dabi (Head of Opinion) and Jérôme Fourquet (Head of the Opinion and Business Strategies Division), with support from their experienced and talented colleagues. Their interventions will help achieve the goal of increased accessibility, enabling everyone in France to join the debate.

IFOP says: “It is an honour to partner with the TF1 group on the coverage of the 2021 and 2022 elections, and a further milestone in the strategy we are rolling out in France and internationally under the “Move to data living” tagline. That involves using the widest possible number of indicators to help make sense of the world we live in, and making them as vivid and accessible as we can. This is especially important as we approach a series of elections that will be crucial for the future of our country (Frédéric Dabi, IFOP Head of Opinion).


Beyond data: a community dedicated to positive thinking

Every day, in TF1 and LCI TV news bulletins and on the website, the TF1 group’s news teams are fighting back against fake news and disinformation. The abundance of news flow in the run-up to elections places the TF1 group under a greater duty than ever to provide reliable and transparent news coverage. Useful, verifiable, easy-to-access qualitative data will further enhance the TF1 group’s market leadership.

Thierry Thuillier, TF1 group Executive Vice President of News, says: “We are delighted at this new alliance with the IFOP-Fiducial group, who will work with us on the upcoming elections – a crucial event in French political life. Our market-leading news operations need relevant and accurate poll data so they can give viewers all the keys to understanding the current and future challenges we face as a society”.

That position is shared by IFOP-Fiducial, which will “provide back-up, and work with TF1 to deploy affinity-based strategies to make certain topics more accessible, especially for those who feel most disengaged from political and social issues”, according to Jérôme Fourquet, Head of the Opinion and Business Strategies Division at IFOP.